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  1. D.Ally

    STV round nose

    wow no intrest not much going on here ?
  2. D.Ally

    1986 STV Tunnel Hull

    weres it located
  3. D.Ally

    STV round nose

    so theres a stv round nose for sale around here mn are they wood transom ? I think that about 100mph they are blow over queens anyone had an issue with them or set up tips i might be intrested in it but i had a laser ltv i think it is 6" shorter maybe and it liked riding way high in the air but that was 85 mph not 100 Dave
  4. Theres one that hangs out in champlin mn open bow its color sceme looks like 94-95 2.5 ish , as of maybe 2-3 yrs ago it had a drag on it 1999 alien style D