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  1. coinboy

    R/C STV mod vp

    so how did it run??????????
  2. coinboy

    R/C STV mod vp

    Wow i always wanted to try and build one...... looks amazeing... i want one....are you going brushless lipo??
  3. coinboy

    my river rocket

    Thanks alot guys goin to give paulb a call in the next couple days hear he realy knows his mercs
  4. coinboy

    my river rocket

    Thanks for the info 280Triad . thats what i thought i was going to hear.... top pin it is then!!! peace of mind
  5. coinboy

    my river rocket

    im not shure , i have a 2.5 under a 100 hours , but it has side pin pistons, should i replace the pistons??
  6. coinboy

    my river rocket

    Thanks Fish you Euro,s not to shabby either Hey Rob im still intrested in chip and reg.. also need some info on rebuilding my 2.5.. Thanks Chris
  7. coinboy

    my river rocket

    River Rocket
  8. coinboy

    Looking for Euro ski

    Hi mike i have a nice 1995 euro with a 2002 Merc 260 can seperate located in Toronto Canada 905-767-7452
  9. coinboy

    wanted: euroski

    Hi how you doin i have a 96 euro with a 02 merc 2.5 260 i mite be selling coinboy1@hotmail.com