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  1. phooker

    Let's see them Triads

    Here's another. I could learn to like this!
  2. phooker

    Let's see them Triads

    Mike Bishop's V-21 with 225X. Minnesota to Nova Scotia via Manitoba!
  3. phooker

    18ft stv

    Stu18stv, Do you have a low water pick-up on the gearcase? Also what is your intended use? From the number I take it you have 2:1 gears, but maybe you could confirm that as well.
  4. phooker

    Ezra got his Dream Boat

    Congrats Anthony. Looks GREAT!!!!
  5. phooker

    Just picked this up.

    Nice ride.
  6. phooker

    RiverRocket Restoration

    Brad - that looks really great. When you're 100% done you should post some before and after pics side by side. It's been a real transformation.
  7. phooker

    Setback Question- How much and why?

    My Hi5 runs great with 6" setback.
  8. phooker

    drag vs. 280 vs. 280 w/drag electronics

    I did the "10 bolt tune-up" on my 280 sport last year. Pulled my stock 280 sport with Sportjet reeds, spacer plate and no limiter. Daryl Lane set up an 05 Champ with bolt-ons only (SVS, A6, Boatworks reeds, tuner mod., light flywheel, etc). The Champ is at 135 PSI (stock heads) and is set up pretty fat as this Euro WAS the wife's daily driver (I had to buy her another boat). LOL I have read many posts to the contrary but my personal experience is that the Champ with loose heads will absolutely stomp a stock 280 everywhere. There is no comparison. Can't comment about the 280 with 260 electronics as I never tried that.
  9. phooker

    Dash Pics

    Sounds good Brad. Can't wait to see it.
  10. phooker

    Dash Pics

    Brad, Do you lift the toggle guards to activate the Martin-Bakers?
  11. phooker

    1996 Euro

    Thats GREAT Brad. Glad you sold it. My wife complain so much about how loud mine is. She was threatening to buy yours with the 175 so we'd have twins!
  12. phooker

    water pump/plate questions

    Try this link. There are some good parts manuals there. http://dougrussell.com/partscatalog/collec...etails&colid=05
  13. phooker

    1996 Euro

    How much delivered to Afghanistan?
  14. phooker

    SeaStar Hydraulic ? On Euro

    Checked my Euro and the hoses are 16 ft. Cylinder is HC6345. Helm is 2.0 cubic in.
  15. phooker

    SeaStar Hydraulic ? On Euro

    Triad rigged my Euro and they put a big loop of hose at the stern to act as a strain relief. That is what Sea Star recommend. I can check to see if the lengths are marked on the hoses when I get home.