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  1. AnthonySS

    Used Stv R Rockets

    Are you on FaceBook. I have an STV page over there that attracts sales.
  2. AnthonySS

    River rocket set up

    Are you using a Jack plate? They run great in the 1" to 1 1/2" up using 14.5" diameter props
  3. AnthonySS

    91 charger tv

    Very cool boat. They only had production for a few years by Charger. They stopped production as the boat was not the best in the turns. Supposedly they would take on water over the back corners in race trim. I would love to have one.
  4. AnthonySS

    Used Stv R Rockets

    I think new they start at 15K, no trailer. They are around you just have to look.
  5. AnthonySS

    85' 19' stv

    Sprint is a decent hull. When you say pro comp drag ... What year is it or does it actually have the drag bottom?
  6. AnthonySS

    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    Sounds good Larry. Looking forward to the new look
  7. AnthonySS

    Euro hull cracks

    looks good
  8. AnthonySS

    new to this site and STV's

    Congrats on your fourthcoming aquisition...The Mazco can work but certainly try to get an ET or Cleaver in the mix...14.5" dia works best. Keep us posted and good luck
  9. AnthonySS

    Site is under attack...

    Keep us posted Larry. Thx
  10. AnthonySS

    SRV Aired out

    Look Great Ken...keep em coming
  11. AnthonySS

    SRV Aired out

    Yeah that's one sweet SRV Kenny...I appreciate you sharing the pix and better yet to meet you and your rig in person at the drags...keep posting more pix...Awesome Ride
  12. AnthonySS

    Anyone using the Verado 350 SCi?

    Yeah the 350 sounds like a monster at those weight...I would concerend with the C\G placement and could warrant adding weight to the nose ...
  13. AnthonySS

    LTV tunnel

    Yes that would be the bottom style campaigned in MVP Racing. I would say that 80 is potential with an XR6 Set-up...keep us posted
  14. I am not aware of a Verado on an STV...However there are many out there with 250 and 300XS Motors....that get great fuel milage and run fast
  15. AnthonySS

    LTV tunnel

    Is this a V-Bottom or Modified Tunnel? The MVP Bottom will bun over 80 with 200HP. Sorry I have no experiance with the V-Bottom.