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  1. I had just a touch of instabilty when i was running the motor lower (1/2" up and 6" setback) It went away raising the motor 1/4" Congrats on the century!!! BJH
  2. Sweet idea.... Recomendation... make it long enough to reach the back of the propshaft as well, and measure it there too, so you can be sure that the propshaft and bottom are parallel Looking good BJH
  3. Those are suction cup mounted straps. I got them from West Marine. I am fairly happy w/ them, they work just fine unless you are moving, then they come off, so you have to be sure to set them up at the last second, and tear them down 1st thing BJH
  4. That is Las Vegas Bay on Lake Mead. BJH
  5. Hate to do it, but I'm going back to school, and the STV has to go 1989 PCS w/ the Ski bottom, 3.5 seater (back seat will seat 2 only if they are friendly) Very few stress cracks, fewest i've ever seen. Motor started as a 2.5 200 (no idea what year) and has been ported to 260 specs. cyls 3 & 4 are .015 over, rest are stock bore (steel sleeves, not nicasil) there was also some exhaust chest and intake slot work done beyond 260 specs. Motor runs 260 electronics and the reve limiter has been removed. Has spun a 26" Drag copy (prop goes w/ boat) over 9K rpm. Any questions, let me know here, and I have a digital cam, so any specific pics, just ask. I'll miss this boat. Asking 12K OBO BJH
  6. I'm not sure what it weighs... It's not a lite weight though... feels alot more solid than some just by "squeezing" a sponson by hand. This particular guy keeps claiming he has a 100mph jet boat... i'm guessing 600hp, and 70mph I'll be sure that there is video evidence I'm going to try to make the NJBA race @ merced and one of the races @ ming too... building a slightly bigger motor for the drags Probably wont be pump gas friendly BJH
  7. Coming from a Pad boat, the STV is WAYYYYYYY easier to drive. point and trim, none of this sawing the wheels BS. Because of this, i would say the STV is also safer for the same speeds. The allisons seem to run really well in the drags, i would guess it's due to really lite weights, and very little wetted area at slower speeds. I'm happy w/ my STV. BJH
  8. I put in lots of hours this weekend... ran from willow to katherines 1st thing sat and sunday morning.... down to about 30 min left... i'm going to be good and get it in too, and not say screw it...lol... Going to the lake early AM tommorrow. Have to get it broken in, heading to Nacimiento for the long weekend. and have a friend talking smack about his jet boat BJH
  9. It started as a fishing motah, so i guess i'll have to get a fishin pole now My motor guy recomends (Derek @ Sea Ya Marine in Montery) the 3K rpm for 10 hrs. probably excessive, but i'd rather be safe than sorry. Sad thing is it takes 3500-3800 to get it up on plane w/ this prop (26" Yamaha drag copy) I'll be on the water sat. afternoon and evening. Have soem work to get done in the AM. BJH
  10. Still building a bigger (not pump gas friendly) Nikasil motor, hope to play @ the drags in late sept.
  11. Yeah baby... it's me... Running a steel bore 2.5, ported to just beyond 260 specs, and a 9k rpm limiter. still in break in mode, 7 more hrs at 3K rpm... UGH!!!!
  12. 10-14 hrs... i should be so lucky It's only a 2 full day drive from here. BJH
  13. Lake Mead, Boulder basin... the lake is down just over 100ft This is a calm day.. it can get reallllllly rough BJH
  14. That is the 34' party cat that was in all the magazines.... HUGE boat!!! BJH
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