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  1. yea, i am looking foward to it. when will you be up here. looks like i will only be avliable on friday to ride, but saturday or sunday we will porbably take out the big boat. see ya there. casey
  2. yea it gets flighty at times. bow lifts great when not jacked up to high. i have heard about installing lips on the pads of boats but have never done it. this is my first real performance boat. what does it help.
  3. gearcase is stock 3.0l sportsmaster. been running a 28 spinellie dr4. engine is a modified 300 pm on a 15" mid. 92 best so far with 28, ran 97 with a 32 pro et. do not know what the lay up is but i would assume it is not a light lay up.
  4. 93 triad, has 10" of set back. i do not feel any lip on the back of the pad. boat seems to lift great. noticed it does not like the motor higher than a half above the pad. makes the backend blow out and lean to the right real bad. course me weighing 300 plus does not help. thanks for the help. casey
  5. what, where, when what can be done to improve hull for racing where can i send to when is a good time i have read a few articles of other owners taking their boat to wally for a little TLC. thanks casey
  6. does anyone know how to get in touch with wally? need a little advise on some pad modifications on a v21. thanks casey 512-848-6469
  7. thanks scott. but i think i will be in this boat for awhile. it had a 4" JP on it, all i did is bolt on the 300, and wow. no set up yet, ran a 28 four blade spinelli to 6500 with a 1.75 case, 2 people 88.5 and i am a tad over 300lbs and my buddy is 165lbs, there is at least 3 mph with set up and i had my fuel pressure up from the heavy bass boat so it was WAY FAT there is another 2 to 3 mph. so maybe a 95 to 100 mph when set up properly. have you ever run any of the hydromotive props? my drag prop is a worked quad 4 24p but that was with my bass boat. it would run 81 at 13.90's in the quarter. do not know if i will run out of prop on this boat but will be great at the 600 mark . happy new year and look fpward to talking again. casey
  8. picked up a v21 over the weekend and going to try and run my short shaft 300pm on it. any input? set back, prop, and prop height. this is the boat that came out of LA. originally from MD, maybe scott thorpe's old boat. we thought that walley may of put a transom in it back in 2000. may have to a distribution plate between the hull and jack plate. thanks in advance casey
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