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  1. Thanks All Bolted it up at 1" if that dosn't work I have been thinking od a way I can build a jack plate with 1" set back. I have all of the Alu plate I will need, I will try it where it is at and if that dosn't work I will clean off the Bridgeport and get started.
  2. Thanks I have heard everywhere from 3/4" to an 1 1/2 " looks like I will shoot for between 1" and 1 1/4". How much top end would the move from 1 1/4 to 1" be? If all else fails I will order one of the short setback jack plates.
  3. Need some advice, I am in the middle of a complete rerig of my 96 STV Mod VP and need to know the best prop shaft height for Drags and some top end. The boat came with a 20" motor that I am changing to a 15", I have cut the transom down and will be bolting motor directly to transom. The boat will be used for normal use and will also be used for drag racing and some top end. I will be running a mod 260 (port work SVS brucato PCU) with a 150hp shot of nitrox and a Bob's coned 200 gearcase. I want the best performance to be for drags with top end being 2nd. As I am bolting directly to the transom I only have one good shot at this, any ideas. Thanks
  4. Hello Everybody I just wanted to say hi. I am currently in the middle of a complete rerig on a 1996 Mod VP 2 seater and will most likly need plenty of advice. Thanks in advance
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