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    like to hunt and fish. Love boats
  1. Deznuts3570

    New to the site

    Hey Storz i know how you feel. Myself i've done quite a bit of research and i've narrowed mines down to a STV with the drag bottom and the river rock deck. But familys first these days so there are other people who have the same dream as you. Stick with it and don't give up on it. Good Luck. P.S. If your seriously thinking about buying one there are a few for sale on screamandfly.com check em out a bunch of great people that are members here are members there
  2. Deznuts3570

    STV Mod VP Engine Height

    yes specialkb82, the center of the prop shaft in relation to the bottom of the boat
  3. Deznuts3570

    Wally Lamkin and Triad boats

    Last i heard before wally sold the molds to jack barish (ftp). He was working with Michael Dixon, some of you might know Mike had the 151 boat. He sold out to barish i think in the summer of 05 or 06. If you go to youtube.com and look up Boat crash and best crash interview ever you'll see wally for a brief talking standing next to the 151 boat
  4. Deznuts3570

    Who makes the smallest/shortest length STV

    From what i've read Roark Summerford sold the molds of the stv's to Wally Lampkin, Wally made the river rocket decks, and in 2005 05 2006 wally sold the molds to Jack Barish with full throttle powerboats. Jack also makes the quartershot or qshot tunnels. I think you can find little cats sometimes on s&f, but as far as i think i dunno anyone who makes a basically (short) STV. hope this helps. Thats basically the short story from what i know. Maybe anthony will chime in and maybe add to it
  5. Deznuts3570

    Lazer STV 16

    Looks cool as hell
  6. Deznuts3570

    Speedometer pickup question

    Use locktite or some 5200. 5200 is a pain in the butt to get off of things and always manages to get on ya, but its some good stuff.
  7. Deznuts3570

    Spring Bling

    I know most of you don't know, but last year we the spring bling down here in Lafitte, La. Does anyone know when it will happen again, has it happened again, or have they cancelled it. Last year it was impressive to see the turn out for its first year, and it was a blast to watch.
  8. Deznuts3570

    200 xp evinrude

    Im being curious i have a 200 xp evinrude early ninetys model. I know some setups are different, but for the people that have one or something like it. What kinda speeds are yall getting out of these motors and whats size props. are yall using to get these speeds
  9. Deznuts3570

    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone its very nice to be apart of this site. My name is dee, I don't currently have an STV but in the future i have plans of looking into one. I've read a few of the topics, and im very impressed at how much knowledge is around this site. Hope to meet everyone in the future. thank you