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  1. s.robert


    I am looking for a Stv pro comp that has been converted to center steer let me know what u got, if not a pro comp any Stv that is a three seated style but center steering the front needing to be repaired or not send it to s.robert91@yahoo.com
  2. s.robert

    1986 STV

    can you post some pics and a price thanks robert
  3. s.robert

    1989 pro comp

    Hi Guys well pretty new to the sport but came across a pro comp and the boat was in pretty bad shape cosmetic wise, over all the boat is in good shape, it has had a new transom put in it but paint and dents and spider cracks every where on it from years of use, my question does anyone no of a good painter that can make the project come a little closer to being complete, i live in richton ms which is close to hattiesburg ms, i know jack barsh at fullthrottle does work like this but i was trying to stay closer to home if all posible but if this is my only option then i will have to go. I would like to have the entire boat repainted top and bottom, if you know of anyone that can help with this please email me at s.robert91@yahoo.com thanks
  4. s.robert

    STV Pro Comp

    I bought a 1985 stv pro comp from a guy and it only came with the race fairing the fairing that had the seat was missing, the one that i have is in real good shape but the brackets that mount to the boat are missing and i was wondering if anybody new what i could do. I will make some if someone will give me ideas and if you have pics you can send them to me at s.robert91@yahoo.com he said that the ones that where there was made out of aluminuim but that is all he could tell me about them, if anybody has any pics of the way theres lay in the boat that would be alot of help thanks robert