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    Hey Everyone!

    When did windshields start coming on these boats? I have seen a handful of Lasers in the last 10 years, and none have windshields? When did Laser stop making LTV's? Right after we purchased our boat, we went to The Dallas Metro area, and found the place where they were made, but I cannot remember any of the details of that. I know the guy said the Record Top speed at the time for a Laser Hull was like 116mph....Yellow, Red and White, gelcoated boat.
  2. Prine

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey all, just wanted to say, been looking around and there are some nice boats here! I am Kelly Prine, and My family has a 1989 Laser LTV Ski Boat. We have owned it since 1994 and its been a great boat....we have ZERO complaints and alot of praise for it! We go skiing in West Texas, and have drug it as far as Brownwood, TX.....so we obviously don't drag it too far. Check out this short video clip I put together and let me know what you think. We run a 14.5 28* yahama 3 blade prop for most lake duties....when we want to play, we used a 23* Cleaver...till we bent it all up on something under the water Lemme hear some questions! Thanks