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    UMPBA boat drags

    UMPBA_Racing_the_Liquid_Quarter_Mile_Info_Sheet.docUMPBA Presents "Racing the Liquid Quarter Mile"Carter Lake, Nebraska/Iowa Friday, July 24, 2009 (Boat Show) Saturday, July 25, 2009 (Races) The Upper Midwest Power Boat Association “UMPBA” is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2005 by Bob Sorenson. The sole purpose of the club is to organize drag boat races. If you have never been to Boat Drags, you are definitely in for a treat. Unlike our automotive counterparts the entire Pit Area is open for access to everyone. Spectators have the chance to talk with the drivers and ask them questions about their boats. Drag Boat Races bring fun and excitement for the entire family with no spectator fees. Usually races are only held in Minnesota, but this year we are bringing the races to Nebraska/Iowa and with that we are offering an opportunity to local boaters, like you, to join in on the race. To do that you will need to: · Be a UMPBA member for a $25 annual membership fee. Sign up on our website www.umpba.org. · Complete the Race Pre-Registration Form. ($40 cost for each class per race entered) · All of the above must be completed by July 24th to avoid a late registration fee of $20. · With registration you earn yourself a spot in the boat show on Friday night. · For information on the equipment needed and safety rules please visit our website shown above. We invite you to contact us at drapsallison@yahoo.com with any questions, and truly look forward to seeing you at the races! UMPBA_Poster.doc