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    I'm currently designin' my boat dock and we're gonna use 8" slings to raise my boat. Itz a '88 Pro Comp w/ 2.4 Mercury and 6" setback. I'm puttin' the aft sling about 4" forward of the transom but have a question about where to put the forward strap. Anybody been there and can help me out, I'd buy ya a beverage of your choice. Thanks for tha help & c/6 Hooty
  2. Hooty

    Britt or Alabama Cut Prop

    Help ah brutha out. Anybody ever run a Britt cut chopper? Suppose to be the same as an Alabama cut. Guy wants to trade me a 14-1/2 X 28 to run on my early model ProComp. I've been successfully running ET's but I'm needing a 28" and this one's available. The guy with the prop tells me it was originally on a Triad. T i a & c/6 Hooty
  3. Hooty

    WTB Or Trade

    I'm looking for a 4" setback Rapidjack jackplate. If it's right I'd buy it outright or trade for a Vance jackplate with 6" setback that's in almost like-new condition. If ya got one, lemme hear from ya. Thx. & c/6 Hooty Email: jehart1@comcast.net
  4. Hooty


    Here's the address for Mike Ray's foils. Mike's Foils c/6 Hooty
  5. Hooty

    STV steering hubs

    Hey Walley, I sure appreciate you gettin back to me and I'm sure these other guys do to. Thanks & c/6 Hooty
  6. Hooty


    I wanna thank ya'll for the time and input. c/6 Hooty
  7. Hooty


    I did a quick search and couldn't find any talk about foils. Has anybody tried on? How do they work? What or who's seems to work best. I may need to try one. c/6 Hooty
  8. Hooty

    Ever seen one of these?

    They do look pretty good don't they. STV_Keith got the last one though. It only takes a coupla days to get 'em made so if there's four or more who want one, I'll go back and have some more made. Lemme know. c/6 Hooty
  9. Hooty

    Ever seen one of these?

    I've got three of 'em for sale. Custom made. I paid $25 for four. I'll send 'em to ya for $8 ea. Email: jehart1@comcast.net Edit: I've got two left. c/6 Hooty
  10. Hooty

    HIN & U.S.C.G Capacity Plate

    Yo, JJones... I be stayin' in Coppell. That's at the north end of DFW. You? c/6 Hooty
  11. Hooty

    HIN & U.S.C.G Capacity Plate

    BINGO !! That's where it wuz alright. Thanks Techno and JJones. That took a load off. c/6 Hooty
  12. Gotta couple of questions for ya'll. First, I went to TP&W to register my STV and, because it's an out-of-state boat, I have to take a rubbibg of the HIN and furnish it with the bill of sale, title transfer, etc. Well, I can't find the HIN. I looked on the starboard side of the transom and it ain't there. Any Ideas where else to look or any suggestions? Oh, it's an '86 procomp. Next is the USCG engine and weight/passanger capacity plate. Don' got one a those either. What about the yellow and black 4" X 4" "Does Not Comply" sticker? Is that legit? Where do I get one of those? Thx. for your time & trouble. c/6 Hooty
  13. Hooty

    New To The Forum

    'kay. Finally gonna post a foto. It's an '86 Procomp. I'm in the process of reupholstering and doing some minor re-rigging but all and all, it's a sweetheart. c/6 Hooty
  14. Hooty

    New To The Forum

    Howdy Adam & Admin, I'm not sure if the "K" is a manufacture date code or not. My HIN looks like POO00175K786. I read that as July(7) 1986. "K" for Kevlar iz probably wishful thinkin'. I'll get a foto posted shortly. Merry Christmas & c/6 Hooty
  15. Hooty

    New To The Forum

    Howdy ! I'm not only new to the forum but also a new STV owner and this is my first question. My recently purchased '86 Pro Comp has the letter "K" in the HID. Could this indicate Kevlar construction? Thx. & c/6 Hooty