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  1. ---This years St. Louis Grand Prix race program featured some AWESOME pics of Steve Quicks beautiful STV Super-Sport boat,hope some of you got to see it.... "lookin' good" !!! Danny
  2. Forgive Me, my last reply probably should have been under the Eustis race info post... check out that thread for race site info. Danny
  3. I Have An Idea, just wanted to know if any of you would be interested in a race party at my marina,April 20th, on the race weekend.... please reply if it sounds like fun to you!!! Sincerley, Danny McManus Lake Eustis Marina (central Florida)
  4. FYI the race comittee for the upcoming APBA Outboard Drag Nationals has created a nice info web site,check it out... ;http://members.home.net/pavehawk3/ See you at the races!!! Danny
  5. Will do Steve, and all interested... I will be attending our APBA Convention in Seattle WA. the end of Jan. thru Feb. 2nd. Much of the 2002 race schedule will be discussed and confirmed there.I'll follow up with details as they are made available to us. Danny
  6. Welcome Steve!!! We are all VERY happy to have you race with us,and glad to see you join this forum...when you led every lap of your first qualifieing heat at the St.Louis grand prix, I was truly happy for you,that was awesome!Your to humble man your previous racing experience was plain for us to see especially all of us that finished behind you!!! Keep up the good work, Danny
  7. Howdy Anthony, Will do! I'll send Steve Quick the site address tonight and he'll probably take you up on the offer...He is one of the many great people I've met in Super-Sport racing...and yes I will be trying to "recruit " you also!! thanks for your support Sincerly, Danny
  8. Hello all and happy new year! check out Steve Quick's (cool name huh?) Phantom black STV super-sport race boat at http://www.scaryfast.com/apbasupersport noteworthy is that Steve's first race was at last years St.Louis Grand Prix where he led every lap of his first heat race,First time "off the trailer",we later learned that Steve missed a bouy on lap #3 but he was thrilled at his new boats first outing in competition...He finished 4th in finals and then went to Nationals and finished 3rd in final there...Look for this guy to win some races durring the 2002 season!!!! Luv your new site, Best wishes and hope to see you at the races, Sincerley Danny Super-Sport #15
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