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  1. MrMercury

    New to STV Owners

    I would be. Send pictures to ryanteach@hotmail.com .
  2. MrMercury

    New to STV Owners

    I hear ya! Still looking for one... would like to pull the trigger soon.
  3. MrMercury

    New to STV Owners

    Thanks! Im actually looking for one with Merc Power on the rear.
  4. MrMercury

    New to STV Owners

    Hello STV owners! I am a very recent STV fan. I am a current owner of '08 Bass Cat Cougar FTD match with a 250 Pro XS - but, I am on the way out of competitive fishing. My father is a proud owner of a XB2003 Allison matched with a 200XS. When he bought this boat from our lake neighbor Nick Kay (Three Lakes Chain)... Nick's STV won me over! I am in hunt of a quality STV. I have a owner lined up for my Cat, and am basically ready to sell it. I had watched a boat on Oceanmarine.com for too long (it sold) and am still looking. Help me. Id like to stay with an Opti on the rear... but I am open minded- I would like to stay as close to stock power as possible! Help me out! Ryan Teach