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  1. Well ran the boat in Augusta this weekend left the engine at 1/4 inch up from the pad and ran a best time of 10.4 seconds in the 1/4 mile at 107 mph and the boat handled great. I used my 24p yammie cut to put up those numbers. Boat ran really consistent 10.6's at 99mph. Wondering now if raising it a 1/2 inch or so would allow the boat to run 10 flats. Going to run it again this weekend in the High Point drags and will post once I find out.
  2. Just got back from the lake. I tried a new yama 26 without moving the motor at all and was able to wind it up to 10,100 with the 2:1 gears so I am thinking it may be a little fast for the 11 second class. Ran the math on the prop slip calc with 9% slip and actual speed came out to 109. Thinking I may need to acrub about 10 mph to keep from breaking out. Will find out more next weekend in Augusta on the clocks. The 24p may be the way to go though since it launches harder but tops out in the high 90's low 100's as it has not been reworked and is actualy a bit slower. I will post more after the races.
  3. Sounds like you are happy with it and that is the most important thing. The low hours is a plus and the not being beached is always nice. Let us know once you get it out for a spin. I am eager to see how it runs. The fact that it is gel coat is a huge plus too me since it lasts longer and you can always buff it out, wet sand and rebuff, rinse and repeat several times if necessary. With a good high speed buffer, a little rubbing compund and then polishing compound you can make it look as good as paint in my opinion. Well, 9 out of 10 as good anyway. With paint you alsways have that extra little bit of wet look but the maintenance of the paint vs gel is too much for me to handle. Not to mention boats are supposed to be gel.
  4. I am glad you got it. Congrats on the new ride. Is it a nice as it appeared in the pics? Let us know how it rides once you get it out.
  5. Thanks! Found out recently a little more about the layup by talking to a guy on S&F that has this boats twin. David Carter mentioned the bottom is a kevlar layup and total hull weight + steering is 605lbs. Not sure how that lines up with the lightest out there but seems light too me. Guessing total weight fully rigged with me in it would probably be in the 1150-1250 lbs range but never have had it weighed for an official check.
  6. The 26 pitch is my friends and it is a 14.5" so with that knowledge combined with the 2:1 gears I think I may just buy it from him. He is wanting a lightning ET. Maybe I will try to find a good deal on the other prop and take this one off his hands. would be a nice prop for the collection and sounds like the slightly larger diameter would be good to have it. My lake prop is a 28 round ear 14.5 but thinking of selling it since I am not a big top end guy anyway. It seems to run ok on the boat though I know if I raised the motor it would really wake up the mid and top end on this. I appreciate the feedback guys. I think I will go up 1/2" which would bring me to 3/4" up and be a better starting point that only 1/4" up as it is now. When I first got the boat it was about 1/2" below and while it would rip your head off on the launch it had the typical sponson darting issue which for that to happen at about 95-100 mph it scares the hell out of you. I will let you guys know the result. Probably will be seeral weeks before I get the chance to test it out but I will let you guys know how things turn out after Augusta and High Point races.
  7. I love th paint scheme on that boat. Looks awesome.
  8. That boat is about 15 miles from me. If I had the cash it would be in my driveway. If it looks half as good as the pic that is a steal. Eventually I will sell the Mod VP and try to find a good deal on a Euro like this. Either detune my 260 drag to run on pump gas and swap the hulls or sell mine turn key and try to find it's replacement. If you get tired of it and want to get a Mod VP I may be willing to trade after the season is up. Good luck with the new boat. Great deal there.
  9. Here are a couple of my 96 Mod VP.
  10. 14 1/4 diameter. I am thinking 1 inch as well. Also considering going with the 26P yammie of same diameter since I am running the 2:1 gears. Should help a little with the top end of the 1/4 mile. As it goes I am already turning it 10k at about 3/4 track with the height set at only 1/4 up from center. My fear is that if I did raise it and run the 24P I would probably rev to 10500 and I wanted to keep it 10k or less since 10k is hard on a motor. Thanks for the responses. Any other suggestions of course would be welcome.
  11. 1996 STV Mod VP (the hull weighs 605lbs without rigging) 260 drag making about 350hp 15" mid stock 200 2:1 gears with lower with bob's conversion 4" Manual jack plate 24 and 26 pitch yamaha prop How much above the pad would give me optimum 1/4 mile performance? It is currently 1/4" up and I have found such a wide suggestion of height from 1/2" to 1 1/2" up but most threads seem to be people running the motor straight on the transom. At 1/4" I turn the 24 10k before it runs out of pull at around 100mph +- 4mph. So, would the suggestions be to leave it where it is or go up? It was set about even and it got really scary on the top end wanting to dart left and right, where it is now it handles good but I am thinking it may be tough to get an 11 second 1/4 mile time which is ultimate goal. Any help would be appreciated.
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