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  1. GrahamN

    stv euroski best prop and motor height?

    I have the same motor and have been running a 32" lab cleaver. The motor is set with the prop shaft even with the bottom of the boat or slightly higher. I start to lose water pressure if I go any higher (motor is on a C&C lift). I only run top speed with two of us in the boat and I usually get 108 to 110 on short runs and a high of 112 on a longer full throttle run at 7500 to 7700 RPM. I have hit the standard Rev limiter at 7750. The cleaver runs very smooth and it's easy to control bow lift. My lab ET is 30" and it is not as fast as the cleaver but will get to 105. I just noticed a crack in one of the blades on the cleaver so I will be looking for another prop too. Good luck