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    1994 STV Euroski

    Is this boat still around or sold?
  2. Boatmaster

    92 Pro comp set up?

    NC I am building my motor this week and hope to be on the water soon. I've been through most of the wiring and replumbed the fuel system, boats is cleaning up well. Just picked up a 28 yamaha drag prop to try. Are you and Kevin coming to the boat show at the end of Jan? I will have an F29 in the both.
  3. Boatmaster

    92 Pro comp set up?

    Thanks again for the help, just picked up the boat today, I'll keep you posted on how it runs in a week or so. Thanks again.
  4. Boatmaster

    92 Pro comp set up?

    Thanks for the input, even or 1\2 inch up sound very low to me. Do STVs not run well in the one too two inch range? Wondering because most of the other tunnels I have rigged have all ended up being in that one too two inch area. Most of these boats were all larger with twins. I've found if the motor is to low you have to run more trim to get the speed, and this tends to hang the bow to high.
  5. Boatmaster

    92 Pro comp set up?

    I am currently putting a 1992 Pro Comp together for a customer and just wondering on where to start on my set up. Jackplate, or on the tramsom? How high above the bottom? I am putting a 95 merc 2.5EFI on it, all stock with a sportmaster lower. What kind of speeds should he see? I was hoping for 105-110 mph with a merc three blade 30x14 1/2 cleaver. Any other ideas on props would be great, Thanks for any help and or insite.