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    stv spinning out on corners

    i am using a high performance bullet gearbox with forward and reverse, 1.87 ratio. bullet centre inline with bottom of boat but have tried it 1/2 inch lower, steering is hydraulic power assist supplied by mercury the name is hydrive, the hull i got i think is one of the early ones, it is not the one with the inverted v in the center. if i look at the boat it seems to have had a fin on the left side sitting in the boat 1.8 meters from the back.
  2. riaan becker

    stv spinning out on corners

    Hi i am the owner of a 19 ft stv,with a 285 hp offshore racing motor, i race at about 1600 meter above sea level, i am getting 149 km per hr at the moment but the boat is very hard to handle through corners and spins out easy. i spin a 26 et mercury prop. I am from south africa, and I would really be thankful if anybody could help me with the above and even more speed. i race what we call in south africa hard bottom racing i did my 1st race last weekend ,but the boat kicked my ass and threw me out needless to say i ended up with a few bruises on my back side. please can anyone help