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  1. Summerford STV owners

    kieth the sticker looks great thanks for all your hard work to provide them to us.. thanks again don
  2. Summerford STV owners

    just wondering how the decals are coming.. please bring us up to date. thanks don
  3. procomp cover and decals

    does anybody have a phone # for wally?? thanks don
  4. Summerford STV owners

    keith i did not receive a paypal invoice,, but i do want one of these. i'll send you a check or what ever it takes.. thanks don (563-357-8835)
  5. Summerford STV owners

    keith i sent you a email, if you call me at 563-357-8835 we can discuss payment thanks don

    1993 procomp (competition yellow)

    Clinton, Iowa- 1993 Procomp
  8. Summerford STV owners

    i want one how do i get it???
  9. procomp cover and decals

    does any one know where i can get a costom cover for a procomp. also looking for replacement decals. thanks don
  10. dreamn about 100 plus

    sorry guys,, it was suppose to go under top speed..
  11. dreamn about 100 plus

    wow i guess 86 with a 2.0L on a 93 pro comp swinging a 29 spenneli at 6300 is'nt too bad. cant wait to get the 2.5 built. 100 plus would be great..
  12. Pro Comp Transom Problems

    stv keith it looks like you need to pull the top deck off yours to repair it right, its not a tuff job to do and it'll make it alot easier to repair.. use epoxy resin to do the repairs, it'll be worth it in the long run.. i spent all winter doing mine. its still withn weight and stronger then ever. good luck.
  13. pro comp ski weight

    1993 pro comp ski hull weight with steering and interior ended up at 820 lbs..
  14. How often do you use your boati ?

    techno i like the colors of your boat. it looks like it was just painted, can i ask what you used on it for paint? is it a base coat clear coat? thanks don
  15. pro comp ski weight

    thanks for the info techno,, mine does have the heavy wolven clothe like your picture plus a yellow mat that has like pin holes in it. the heavy wolven is mainly in the sides and bottom and the top deck has the yellow clothe. the boat does have a factory floor in it also. does that info help on what kind of lay up it is.. i only have a 2.0L to put on it for now..