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  1. Here are a few more... Pics compliments of James Cole...
  2. This is a old thread that has too have a little more action... Here is what I got... Infused SRV the White One. She has a stock out of the box 300xs and a sporty with 1.62 gears. This is my second summer running this boat... Last year I finished the season with the best of 104 mph at 6000 with a 15" x 34" cleaver. This year so far I've seen 106 mph @ 5900 rpm with 2 of us in the boat, same prop , motor is 1/4" lower... Also have a 14.5" x 32" Lightning ET running rich around 100 mph @ 6400 rpm with 3 of us in the boat and a Hoss 14.5 x 32, 4 blade @ 103+ mph @6100 with 2 of us in the boat. She might have a little more in her, just need the right conditions and a little more lake and less Seagulls..
  3. I own 2000 STV 19 ft. power by a 96 2.5 carb.cle bottom end running 28 et lightning lab finish 1/2 above the pad@7500rpm+ 96 97 mph then she blows out.This was a new prop aprox. 15hrs then she spit a blade off her @ about 90+mph, a nasty turn to the right and shut her down (shook her down). Now I spinning my back up prop which is a 28 cleaver newer. By my self I get her up to about 96 98mph then I put a buddyin her and I can only bring her to about 90 92mph. To make a long story short I am looking for some advice on getty a beter prop to possibly do 100mph and no blow out. Maybe a four blade? Need your help.
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