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  1. I am selling a 1996 STV Euro ski . It has new paint , seating , carpet , and all new gauges . Asking $ 9000
  2. Man I am new too , dont seem to be a whole lot going on here . Go to byuboyz.com they are a lot of help
  3. I am thinking about selling my 96 Euro and getting a different boat . Anyone looking for a Euro , it has new carpet paint and seats. Dont know how much I want because I dont really know what they go for .
  4. Man you have got to ask more than that ! I may be listing mine before long and i have a 96 that i need way more money than that for it lol.
  5. Fullthrottlepowerboats.com in Jacksonville Fl. I have the eagle one and looks like that , I dont know what Jacks look like. I do know i have done business with both guys , and will not use Eagle one again over a lower unit .
  6. Eagle one boats , and I believe that Jack at STV does also .
  7. Thank you , the small ones from eddie marine should work . I have looked every where for a 3 inch cut out with no luck .
  8. Here is a good question ....... I need a cup holder insert for my 96 euro , and cant find one to fit with out cutting a bigger hole . I dont want to cut so where would one find this?
  9. specialkb82

    2.5 mods

    I have had my boat for a year now and this is my 3rd ray par computer on it . They warranty it but , it it not worth the amount of money you save . Buy a brucotta or mercury .
  10. specialkb82

    2.5 mods

    I strongly dislike raypar computer or however you spell it.
  11. So it is off base , but you guys may be able to help . I am looking at repowering my jon boat . I am looking for good new motor and all of those I concider good . Each has their own perks , i am looking for the best price on a 40 , 50 , 60 , 70 or 90 tiller . Boat is not coast guard rated so i can strap what ever i want to hold on to on the back of it .
  12. I paid 75 for my pontoon boat cover at acadamy . A bass boat cover works great too , just turn it around where the v is by the motor. I will see about getting you a picture soon
  13. The cheapest route to take is a pontoon boat cover.
  14. I will try and get some , I dont really know the differance in all the STV hulls and all. This one has a well defined V in the center
  15. Ok I have a guy in our area that has a STV tunnel jet boat . How hard would it be to convert from out board to that set up ?
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