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    STV river rocket

    River Rockets have gotten hard to find. Lots of Euros.
  2. Looking for a light River Rocket. What does it weigh? Thanks. Randy.................
  3. I really hate to sell this boat, but I recently retired, and bought a new motorhome. It's a 1996 STV Mod Vp. (Carbon Fiber) The boat is black and white and on a very nice tandem axle trailer. All esential gauges including recall tach, and digitron unit.Cable steering, with removable steering wheel. This boat has the safety cell with roll over kill switch that kills everything including fuel pump. Trim switch on wheel along with trim timer from Hydro Dynamics. It has the mercruiser trim pump, with an eight gallon fuel cell. The motor is a 2001 drag. It was built by Diamond Marine. Ported, lightened, and balanced crank, lightened and balanced rods, Wizard dual ring pistons, Diamond fly wheel. 15 inch drag mid with short trim ram. Titus built 200 lower unit. A-6 box. The motor has about ten or twelve 1/8th mile passes on it since Jim Ruck reniked it. I had it in the water 4 times last year, and has not been wet since last fall. The boat has been kept inside, and looks like new. The boat is super fast, and got 3rd place in outlaw at Lake Buhlow last year. (DSRA) I was manually trimming the boat at the time, and got out run by Matthew Caldwell, and Garrel Chasson. Not saying that it would have been a different story if I had a trim timer, cause these guy's are the baddest of the bad. My first race and I got a trophy, and a little money so I was very pleased. This boat has been the boat to try to beat around here. I will post some pics soon, and a video. These boats are very rare, and I hope someone will use it more than me. 22,000 complete. I might seperate. randyturney@live.com 318-564-7117 Thanks Guys Randy............


    Sorry for my ignorance Chris, but how much is this in us dollars?


    Hey Guy's new to the board, but if you have a STV you probably need to be on this board. I will try to post a picture later. The boat is a 1996 STV Mod VP. It's carbon fiber, and sub 500#. I have a Diamond Marine modified Drag motor on it. I ran it in two DSRA races this year. I got a third place in outlaw at Lake Buhlow. Then I put a trim timer in it and ran it at Mt. pleasent with no testing. Two and out. When you are running against Matthew Caldwell, you have to have your ducks in a row. Oh well it is lots of fun. Randy..............

    New STV, Need some driveing HELP

    Desertrat, I am new to this board, but I do have an STV. If I were you I would not put the setback back on. Most people think the boats are quicker mounted right to the transom. If you don't have enough bow lift, then maybe you need the setback. Usually STV's don't need very much bow lift. As you found out a little more trim will get rid of the porposing. Have fun, and be safe. Randy.............