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  1. Let's see them Triads

    Beautiful boats for sure!
  2. Can you have a triad v-21 built anymore

    I sure wish they would build more. They are some boats. Maybe a few real lightweight ones for drag setups?
  3. Havent been here in a while

    Crap. I used my old username that I forgot I had and found yesterday
  4. Havent been here in a while

    Thanks davey. Dont sell if you dont have to!
  5. Good lookin boat! Good luck with the sale. Kurt
  6. One of my favorite paint jobs on a rocket.
  7. Is this boat still out there? Ive never seen it but in the photos above.
  8. E-tec

    That is one fine looking Euro. Kurt
  9. Are you changing the Logo? If you are. I have a guy who does great work on designing logos. Heres the link. http://t3logos.com/ Tell em Horsepower X sent you. If your not changing your logo. Ill shut up now. Kurt
  10. Looks like you got er up and running now.
  11. New best

    111 is fast no matter what anyone says. Good deal. Up here boating season is about done. We might get lucky with a day or two of some nice weather to take the boats out but thats about it. Snowmobile season is coming now. Kurt
  12. Any V-21's, RR's, DR20's, DRX's etc. from this board runnin?
  13. Whos racing at Jasper this year?

    Oct 10-12th. Jasper TN. Its a good time . If you have a boat, bring it with you for the river run. Kurt
  14. NTV

    Smells like spam to me too! How would you know what Roarke thinks. My guess is he sees it as stealing his idea.
  15. 1996 2.5 merc mod PROBLEMS!

    A 96 is an EFI.
  16. 1996 2.5 merc mod PROBLEMS!

    The first thing I would do is get brand new spark plugs. Plugs that fouled should be replaced. That would be the cheapest and quickest test to see if the plugs are the problem. If the new plugs dont help. Youve ruled one thing out.
  17. E-tec

    He did win more in 07. I believe he might have won one race in 16 weeks of racing in 06 when I and Jeff H werent there(closing on new houses). I cant remember exactly. Both 280's. I wish I would have raced 07. It would have been a different situation.
  18. E-tec

    Not to rain on Bretts or Etecs parade. Im guessing thats who you are talking about. Heres a few pictures of him and I racing in 06 at Blarneys. Stock 280 ECU done by Rapair vs Its not a 225 etec and its not stock. I promise you. And I was running a prop that sucked out of the hole. Kurt
  19. Just curious to see how it handles, the workmanship, the setup etc.
  20. Are they set up for everyday driving or set up for the drags? Keep us posted.
  21. Any updates on running the new STV's?
  22. Euro Ski

    You might want to try a small ear chopper. Ive had good luck with them performance wise, and you can find them pretty reasonable. Try to find a low hour one if possible. They can crack when they get a lot of hours on them. Hoss tritons work pretty good to.
  23. Dont need it anymore. $110 plus shipping. 815 997 8415
  24. bottom mods

    How are the tunnel stuffers built? Foam than fiberglass over it?