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  1. 1995 Euro

    Selling 1995 STV Euro. Complete and ready to go. 2.4 Merc. I am the 4th owner. With Hustler trailer. Very modified. 2 props.New battery. Was told original owner was Charles Burris. Maybe someone that knows the boat can tell me more about it. Yellow/Black/Red in color. Has run 105 mph without the bottle. Hate to sell but not a user freindly boat in my area. Make offer or will trade for Yamaha/Polaris jet boat. Located in Salisbury Md. Call 410-546-1765 for more info.

    May sell my 1995 EURO. Have not put it in water yet. May need something different for the water around here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Can send pics. Shoot me your email.
  3. Throttle position

    Great. Thanks. Will report back how it works.
  4. Throttle position

    The nuts holding the pedal and seat look like they are blind nuts. Before I pull up the carpet does anyone know how the nuts are secured? I was thinking about drilling new holes on seat and get a little movement. Making a plate for under the pedal and mounting the pedal to it is a great idea. Thanks. If I can't install blind nuts, I will go this route and report back. Thanks for having a site to help me out.
  5. Throttle position

    Need to know on a 1995 Euro if anyone has moved the throttle pedal? Being 6'2', the pedal has my knee jambed up. Has anyone moved the pedal or is it easier to move the seat back. Thanks for any help.
  6. Insurance

    Thanks. No trick, just needed help. Called them and it seems they are o.k. with it. Qouted around $300.00 liability only. Thanks again.
  7. Insurance

    Who are you insured thru?
  8. Insurance

    Thanks for the reply. I am in maryland. Got a qoute from auto/home. $400.00 for year. Thought that was high. Most companies have denied a qoute because of the hull material and hull configuration. Having same problem with my sandrail I am putting on the road. Waiting on some replies from local companies. Thanks for any help. Dale
  9. Insurance

    I need to get insurance on my 1995 Euro. Most companies in my area have been saying no or have high rates. Anyone have information on where to get the best deal? Thanks. Dale
  10. Battery

    New owner of a Euro. Came with everything but battery. What battery group/size is recommended? Thanks for any help. Dale