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  1. did this forum just up and die ? I dont even see one post in 2019, i reckin they all went over to S&F ??
  2. Yea David, I ran boats with him in the 80"s and 90"s. The year we won the Deep South we ran low 9"s at around 120mph with a river rocket, we go back to 7th grade lol. My farmers insurance guy quoted me 3 large for full coverage on this boat, thats insane, got any suggestions ??
  3. Where in Southeast Texas are you bro ? I live in Beaumont I even have David Litchenstein"s ( blackbeard ) autograph
  4. Comfucious, I think the boat you speak of is in Key West, he is running the Euro w/300xs w/15in mid. Wonder how long before Merc offers this motor w/15in from the factory ???? with warranty ???? what say you oh Comfucious ???? what are they runnin on Claire in lake Whoptopulous ?? I hear its real..........Roost
  5. Uhhh, knowbody running the 300 on there Euro ?? c"mon guys, need some advise here, this will be my first fast boat, new to all this....
  6. Fixin to buy a new Euro, looks like about my only logical choice for a motor is the Merc 300. I am concerned with the size of this monster and will it tear out my transome. Just gonna use it as a play boat, nothing serious. Please advise, thanks, Tex
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