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  1. MikeM

    111 MPH Euroski

    Here is the picture hopefully.
  2. MikeM

    111 MPH Euroski

    2001 River Rocket 2001 2.5 280 Stock 12 inch Setback 14.5 x 30 Lightning ET 114 mph at 8000 Would attach picture but cannot figure out how to. Maybe somebody could help
  3. MikeM

    Lets see who owns the STV's

    Nice boat sar. Alot of similarities.
  4. MikeM


    Procomp, Yes the yellow boat is mine. I met John this year and he is a heck of a nice guy. There were alot of V-21's there that were nice boats. Heck, if I did not already have STV I would probably own one of them. I appreciate the pictures of my boat on board since for some reason I do not have enough sense to post my own. Maybe you can make it to Triad meet next year.
  5. MikeM


    New to this Procomp. see my reply above
  6. MikeM


    Procomp, I am glad that you know how to post pictures here. I am trying to figure out which boat you had at triad meet.
  7. MikeM


    Thanks again Danielle, Anthony, If I leave it there long enough the grass will quit growing and I would not have to cut, but, when the weather warms up a little it is hard not to put in water..Right now is on garage behind house just waiting for warm weather. Thanks for the complement
  8. MikeM


    Thanks Danielle, I really appreciate the help. Maybe one day I will figure out how to do. Until then I will hope that you will help me.
  9. MikeM


    There seems to be alot of different opinions on setback here. I was advised by different people in my area that raced to add the additional setback. I have 12 inches of setback on my River Rocket... I do not know how it would run without as Firewalker says and one day will try. Most of the time I run my boat with right much weight. Full Fuel tank, people, etc and boat seems to do ok. To me it runs fast enough like it is and handles like a dream. Mike M
  10. MikeM

    Readers Ride

    Would somebody please tell me how to add picture with post?