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  1. STV192

    Rear cowling

    thanks, i will try him ,,,
  2. STV192

    STV river rocket

    Maybe willing to sell mine, If interested let me know, Single seat (semi capsule) Has one of the best looking paint jobs possible (full Air Brush by Kris Cruz) $15,K less motor, its one hot boat! No fire sale & not even looking to sell, but never know.
  3. STV192

    Rear cowling

    Trying to get the rear colwing for a drag (STV) Semi capsule cockpit. Need the cowling which will put one person behind me. Any condition,
  4. STV192

    STV rear seat

    Does not look like alot of STV owners???????? To bad, its a nice web site Hope they start building STVs again,
  5. STV192

    STV rear seat

    Thats the one,
  6. STV192

    STV rear seat

    Thanks for the contact, but,, Mine is not the open cock pit. I am looking for the rear seat/ cowling that fits. Mine is a closed cockpit with open top, They have the open river racer which is not the same as mine. We keep looking
  7. STV192

    STV rear seat

    Happy New Years to all STV owners. I own 2 of them and love them both. I have a River Rocket 1996, center steering that I am looking for the back seat/cowling. Does anyone know where I can find one? Dont care of the condition, I can make almost anything look nice. Shipping I would handle from your door. Trying to get someone out to play with me.