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    2.5 mods

    ah i see, sorry i didnt quite get that name, ive never heard of it before!! ill def look into a better merc computer! thanx for your help!
  2. thor083

    2.5 mods

    hey guy's im new to the boat scene and just bought a stv euro which is currently sitting in primer after a long week of body work!!! cant wait for the new paint I have a 94 2.5l efi powerhead which i am re-building with some great help from the boys, it needs new reeds, heads have to be machined, and a new sleeve + piston. it will be sitting on a offshore mid and yet to get a gearbox. The question i need advice on is, if i machine the heads (one is damaged) and get a better reed set up and open all the exhaust which is the plan for that few extra HP, what ECU should i be running to supply fuel for the extra power? Any advice would be great!! hope to put some Pics of the build up soon!!! Cheers
  3. thor083

    2.5 mods

    im sorry what do you mean you strongly dislike raypar computer? or how ever i spell it?
  4. thor083

    2.5 mods

    surely someone must know..... cmon!!!