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  1. Coupe427

    Are Optimax motors too heavy?

    I ended up with a worked 2.5 200 on a 15" offshore mid. One of these days I plan to swap to a 280 powerhead though.
  2. Coupe427

    Are Optimax motors too heavy?

    I was considering an 06-08 225/250 to put on the back of an open bow. Just wasnt sure about putting that much weight on it. I'll probably try to find an older Merc but wanted to know all my options.
  3. Triad V-21 & Optis I was curious if the Triad boats could handle the added weight of the new Optimax motors or just stick with the promax 2.5s 225/260/280s? Also what setback seems to work best? Thanks, Gary