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  1. liquidfast

    Bottoms up!!!

    Ya a white with orange pearl in the flames ........... OOHHH YA . Keep the progress pic's coming. Jeff
  2. liquidfast

    I've been doing some work lately.

    Bluelixer , nice little changes. Rigging is nice when its clean. ....................... I remember runninn against/with that STV at the first Rumble. Jeff
  3. liquidfast

    Battery location?

    Agree with Tripp. When rigging any boat Port-Stbd balence has allways been a major concern of mine. Sure its a tinnle but it realy does only ride on the pad at WOT ( you hope ). Taking the time to be sure of all rigging questions only ensure you of as perfect of a boat as possible. I would put them both on one side of the fuel tank and mount your pump on the other ........... or ??? JW
  4. liquidfast

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Very nice Rob. Can't wait to see it person. Jeff