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  1. New to STV Owners

    I can have a 15" motor on it if needed. I don't have one, but a buddy has 3 for sale. It can be bought turn key
  2. New to STV Owners

    I have a Triad river rocket for sale, it is the 151.5 mph boat that Dixon drove. 3 seater, no power. 416-708-5206
  3. Octane Boosters

    Keith, any links to some online dealers? Thanks RT
  4. Nope, forgot about that one. Never saw it in person, but apparently there was a ton of gold flake in it that was unreal in person.
  5. Euro Ski

    The very early ones had a pressed in small shaft hub. I had one of the very first ET's that had a chopper part number. It had a removeable hub.
  6. Euro Ski

    All ET's are fatshaft.
  7. bottom mods

    ' Yes. since then there have been other bottom mods made that give the same effect, I suspect this boat won't be as fast as Helmuts other one. But who knows, this one has a STRAIGHT bottom.
  8. bottom mods

    Yours is not the only one with tunnel stuffers. There are at least 2 others that I know of, both are active in racing and both are TOP contenders, to outright dominant in there class.... progas. RT

    Dennis, I haven't been in an STV much in the last few years, but I too plan on changing that. I bought the 151 boat that Dixon ran, have a custom mid being built for it by Galen Burden, and have a 2007 Drag for it..... I plan to wear it OUT this summer!. We are all going to the Rumble ( now called the point park thing on Scream and Fly ), would be great to see you there!. I would also like to make it WAY south in the Fall or Spring. ..... it is a LONG drive for us. Take care RT

    Hey Dennis, nice to see you posting. Hope things are well down there in sunny south Fla. RT

    WOW This guy is NUTS, completely lost it! BTW, I own the 151 boat... it has a MOD-VP bottom!.
  12. Has anyone driven the Full Throttle STV?

    Lighter yes, stronger I doubt it. Jack does a nice job with the 2 that I have seen, he puts core in the pad and in the deck where Wally never did that. Wally built his boats with Kevlar, Jack doesn't. Wally was also a lot more aprehensive about building light boats for joe public. So far the fit and finsh in a Triad is a lot better, but it was also twice the price. Jack builds one hell of a boat for what he charges!. I would buy one in a second!. RT
  13. Has anyone driven the Full Throttle STV?

    They look fine, I have seen Rich's and Dixon's. Dixon's is the only one I know of that is running.
  14. STV / Quartershot

    Well I guess now that Jack has the STV molds and he is doing them great justice, this website should include all Quartershots too as they are the same family. RT
  15. stepped sponsons

    LOL, they all had them......... if he is offering good money TAKE it