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  1. Well I got the STV SRV back, and it is now my understanding after talking to Wally, Rusty, and Ted ( I will call Roark soon) that they only ever built 5, this is a 1989, and probably the last one. This boat was sold by Coty marine, I talked to Marty at Diamond Marine and he knew the boat, and it's storied past. Anyhow I got the boat home last week, knowing that it was goning to need some work... so I started. The boat looks good when the interior is in it, but on close inspection needs work. The previous owner, tried to fix a few problem spots, but improperly. Nonetheless the boat has no stress cracks, just a lot of rot. The front seat base is rotten where the bolts run through, the nitrous boards in the back have cracked along there seam, and the transom has pulled. I was rather pleased to see that the fiberglass had not failed and was completly intact inside the boat. The transom had fallen victom to years of water damage, as such it has delaminated. The colour (color for you souther folks) is not my favorite, and I do not like the rubber incert rub rail. so project 1 has started and that is to strip the boat. I got a good start on the weekend. Over the next few weeks, I am going to replace 90% of the wood in the boat, with Ockume plywood and balsa core. I find it strange that the boat hs no core in it, but instead stiffiners. I will be removing all that and vacuum bagging a 1/2 balsa core into the boat. All the existing plywood will be replaced with Balsa. The intent will be to make the boat a lot stronger and add no weight. It could even be lighter. ( I hope ). Hear are a few pictures.
  2. Hank blew his over at the Swannie, he is a lucky man, there are some spectacular pictures at scream and fly. RT
  3. Firestarter

    New to STV Owners

    I can have a 15" motor on it if needed. I don't have one, but a buddy has 3 for sale. It can be bought turn key
  4. Firestarter

    New to STV Owners

    I have a Triad river rocket for sale, it is the 151.5 mph boat that Dixon drove. 3 seater, no power. 416-708-5206
  5. Firestarter

    Octane Boosters

    Keith, any links to some online dealers? Thanks RT
  6. Nope, forgot about that one. Never saw it in person, but apparently there was a ton of gold flake in it that was unreal in person.
  7. Firestarter

    Euro Ski

    The very early ones had a pressed in small shaft hub. I had one of the very first ET's that had a chopper part number. It had a removeable hub.
  8. Firestarter

    Euro Ski

    All ET's are fatshaft.
  9. Firestarter

    bottom mods

    ' Yes. since then there have been other bottom mods made that give the same effect, I suspect this boat won't be as fast as Helmuts other one. But who knows, this one has a STRAIGHT bottom.
  10. Firestarter

    bottom mods

    Yours is not the only one with tunnel stuffers. There are at least 2 others that I know of, both are active in racing and both are TOP contenders, to outright dominant in there class.... progas. RT
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    Dennis, I haven't been in an STV much in the last few years, but I too plan on changing that. I bought the 151 boat that Dixon ran, have a custom mid being built for it by Galen Burden, and have a 2007 Drag for it..... I plan to wear it OUT this summer!. We are all going to the Rumble ( now called the point park thing on Scream and Fly ), would be great to see you there!. I would also like to make it WAY south in the Fall or Spring. ..... it is a LONG drive for us. Take care RT
  12. Firestarter


    Hey Dennis, nice to see you posting. Hope things are well down there in sunny south Fla. RT
  13. Firestarter


    WOW This guy is NUTS, completely lost it! BTW, I own the 151 boat... it has a MOD-VP bottom!.
  14. Firestarter

    Has anyone driven the Full Throttle STV?

    Lighter yes, stronger I doubt it. Jack does a nice job with the 2 that I have seen, he puts core in the pad and in the deck where Wally never did that. Wally built his boats with Kevlar, Jack doesn't. Wally was also a lot more aprehensive about building light boats for joe public. So far the fit and finsh in a Triad is a lot better, but it was also twice the price. Jack builds one hell of a boat for what he charges!. I would buy one in a second!. RT
  15. Firestarter

    Has anyone driven the Full Throttle STV?

    They look fine, I have seen Rich's and Dixon's. Dixon's is the only one I know of that is running.
  16. Firestarter

    2007 SRV........ build

    Well it has been years..... I finally have got my stuff together, there is a new bottom mould, and a re-tooled deck mould..... and now serious progress in getting my boat done. Had I have known how much time, energy and money this was gonna cost I would have never attempted this. I probalby have 500 hours of sanding, and an other 500 hours of odd projects to make this happen. What has resulted is a perfectly straight ultra high gloss boat. The pictures I am going to show right now are after I pulled the deck from the mould.... this is deck number 4.... this one is mine! The deck is vacuum baged and 100% kevlar. The side pannes are spaceage ( similar to coosa ) and the dash is okume and the foam core is ATC. The color is Platinum, and white..... different, so far I like it........ The gloss is now gone, as I floodcoated the deck with waxed resin. The resin is Reichold's Hydrex. I am going to put the bottom in the mould in the next week or so. This is where it gets interesting, the boat is also going to be 100% kevlar..... but this one is going to be infused. I will post as much as I am allowed, this process is patented so I have to be careful. I hope ya'll like it. RT
  17. Firestarter

    STV / Quartershot

    Well I guess now that Jack has the STV molds and he is doing them great justice, this website should include all Quartershots too as they are the same family. RT
  18. Firestarter

    stepped sponsons

    LOL, they all had them......... if he is offering good money TAKE it
  19. Firestarter

    sprint bottom

    slowverado, they are a Roark design, they are the predecessor to the Ski bottom ( the first if the inverted vee boats ), which morfed into the roundy round bottom ( mod-vp ). The inverted vee boat is not near as fast. RT
  20. Firestarter

    Ezra got his Dream Boat

    The stock rockets are around the 750-775 weight, adding the double kevlar ( substitutes one layer of glass for one layer of kevlar ) removers about 25 lbs. My old boat was 722lbs it was double kevlar okume ( each save about 25lbs ) and Blakes old boat was 724lbs same layup so they are all close! My guess is 750 for Anthonys....... at least that would be a good bet. RT
  21. Firestarter

    Steering Set Up Options

    yes, many of them. It is 6061 aluminum, good stuff......but not enough. It is an improvement, but the bottom line is this area is weak after the bolt issue has been solved ( sort of solved ).
  22. Firestarter

    Steering Set Up Options

    The yoke is the weak link once you have eliminated the bolt problem, if this fails you are screwed. The 1/4 peice of Aluminum from Renyolds will fold like a peice of paper if the tiller breaks, it is a false sense of security. RT
  23. Firestarter

    are all stv tranom's drilled at the factory?

    most all summerfords were factory drilled, 2 3/8 from the top. The others didn't do it all the time.
  24. Firestarter

    E85 fuel

    what he said....... plus you are going to have to fatten up the motor...... A LOT
  25. Firestarter

    I see AQUAholic is over

    I saw the motor. It is scrap. I was at Top Gun Marine last night and he showed it too me. All six pistons are garbage, the block is not worth having ruck fix. It has been blown up at least 3 different times and fixed poorly each time. It was sold as a rebuilt motor with about 30 hours on it. There wasn't a near new part in the motor, three of the six holes are hurt, the other 3 are worn out. I would sue the guy. And if it makes you feel better Aquaholics props are junk. RT