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    1992 STV ProComp

    1992 STV ProComp, set up for merc. Dual cable steering, foot throttle, foot trim, Faria Guages, 4" manual jack, Formuling Wheel, Ski Pole, cockpit cover and full cover, Black Tandem Axle trailer with removable tongue and mags, transom and bottom are mint. Good overall condition. $6200.00 US email if interested - bwaylett@mts.net Located in Winnipeg, MB Canada - approx. 7hr drive north of Minneapolis, MN Selling to pursue another STV.
  2. ProComp

    Dash Pics

    How about we start a thread of dash pics to help people re-rigging or ordering new boats. B-RAD
  3. ProComp

    Some new pics of RP's Rocket

    For those who have asked about set up, these pictures should answer a few questions. B-RAD
  4. ProComp

    Summerford Boat Construction

    Had a few people PM me lately asking where the Summerford boats have wood in them. Not being 100%, I figured I'd see if anyone knows. Also, does anyone know if there is a piece of aluminum glassed into the front seat box? Was talking with a builder who had done some work on a couple Summerford Euro's and he said there was aluminum glassed in. Going to drill a test hole in my rocket to see if I can tell if theres one in there too.
  5. ProComp

    Euro owners

    If your looking to buy new it sounds like the transoms are strong enough as there are a couple out in California running new 300s as well as western Canada. Per the post above I guess a few in Florida too. Matt in PA ran one on an older Euro and it was fine.
  6. ProComp

    New Triad V-21 Owner!

    very nice, congrats
  7. ProComp


    no its not
  8. ProComp

    Reply from Sea-Foam

    I consistantly add a little sea foam to everything, especially anything I may run 87 octane in. Ethanal sucks.
  9. ProComp

    Looking For...

    Try tracking down Jeff Williamson (Yammer) or try BRB in KY, they might know
  10. ProComp

    Some Recent pix

    nice pics bud
  11. ProComp

    Dash Pics

    Sweet. Do you think it will hook faster with those Allison buckets???? No, they just made it a little more challenging to drive, LOL
  12. ProComp

    Dash Pics

    Well better late then never. The new dash.
  13. ProComp

    Looking for PINK & Black STV

    That boat is a very well done photochop. Doesn't exist
  14. ProComp

    hey everybody

    check out www.fastboatscanada.com, rpm racing has a nice set and he's in TO as well
  15. ProComp


    With a coned case and some height, you'd be well into triple digits. Beautiful boat.
  16. ProComp

    New best

    Thanks. I think your calculator is broke though. Did you use a 29 pitch or 27? I ran that with the 27...WISH I had the 29. I got 5% on my calculator. Boating season is just getting real good here. Was still in the low 90's last weekend in Havasu. Can't wait for the 50ish temps this winter...always goes faster when it's cool out. Nope, 27. Ya really think you can set it up that efficient? Think yours is broke buddy LOL
  17. ProComp

    New best

    Congrats. My prop calculator has you right at 10% slip. Not bad at all
  18. Anyone put one in? Been looking at mine and am not sure how to get the hose up and out and the fuel tank goes over the top of the hole in the floor. Anyone been there, done that? First year with a heated garage! ProComp
  19. ProComp

    stv decals

    Try Fasteddie on screamandfly
  20. ProComp


    I'd love to see a full race fairing for a Euro too.
  21. Kurt, the Ontario or Florida crew can probably give you some better feedback but the one I saw in Jasper (now in Ontario) looked as good as any other Rocket I have seen. I believe there have been some better changes with regards to materials of construction and structure as well. They look good hanging from a tree? lol Light too. Thinking about doing Blarney again or just lake boating? **** something is up with my account, can't post pics and all the posts are in list form where you have to click and open every reply. Anyone else having an issue?
  22. Ok, its been REALLY quiet here lately and I have seen this done on other websites. I see tons of guests and members on here all the time with nothing to say so how about a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays etc whatever is politically correct. All the best to my fellow STVowners. Have safe holiday and all the best in 2008. Thanks again for keeping the site going Larry. Brad aka ProComp
  23. ProComp

    STVowners Christmas Card

    This better Ken?
  24. Yep. He does. It's the 1998 I touched on. Nice looking boat and he has pics over on ByuBoyz. Where is that blue one from? It has nicer front seats than Lil' Rider's 1997 model. Anyone know? That accounts for 3 & maybe 4 of them. Cool... The pic of the blue one was taken at the factory. I have no idea where it went. Was just showing it existed.