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  1. I am selling a tandem axle trailer that my STV was on. I bought a alluminum one so no longer need it. It is very solid, removable tongue, no rust but clear coat is peeling. $995.00 707 704 8701, Brian I am in Northern CA.
  2. F14

    STV Euro

    Couple more recent pics now I need to get some action pics
  3. F14

    STV Euro

    Hey Tim, The previous owner paid $4000 for the seat covers and a really nice water proof cover. They were done at a local shop here in Northern California. I can get the name of the shop if you need it. Brian
  4. F14

    STV Euro

    Thanks, I really like the clean look. The seats were re-done in a super soft material that feels amazing and does not get hot in the sun.
  5. F14

    STV Euro

    Just picked up my 2000 Triad Euro with a 260. Cant wait to get it out. I sold the River Rocket because I wanted a bit more room.
  6. F14


    She is a beauty!
  7. Lucky, I'm kinda interested in the black vinyl windshield overlay,i want to change some looks of my rig this year. white hull,yellow deck & purple vinyl striping . fyi, the vinyl has held up very well for the last 6-7 years & I'm in Florida.it's a 3m vinyl, holds color,applys well & easy to "patch"if gouged. Hey stvdrive, Thanks for the heads up on the 3m material. I will post some pics when I get here done. Hopefully sooner than later.
  8. Hey Bob, You may want to talk with Mike Mullins at Mrage. He seems to know some of that history. He told me that they did not build any kevlar lay ups. His email is mirageboatsinc@aol.com. He is in Winterhaven Fl. Best of luck.
  9. Hey Bob, Your boat looks awesome. I am working on getting the black windshield look done to mine. I want to get it done in vinyl so its not permanent. Is yours paint?
  10. F14


    I am new to this forum so not sure if I am getting the information correct, but it looks like there has not been a Mirage posted here since 2007? If you love Mirages and STVs as much as I do you cant get enough boat porn. Here is a couple of my Ski Racer.
  11. Yes Bob. That is the name I could not recall. Do you know some of the history?
  12. Thanks Bob, I had her out once for a shake down run. I only ran it up to 90 or so. I was told its double kevlar and kledgecell, maybe 650 lbs. There is not a stress crack on her which leads me to think it is not a llight one, which is good by me. 260 is bolted to the transom and set about 1 inch above the pad. Has a race bottom which I think is the same as a Mod VP bottom, inverted V. I expect t to run 110 with the right prop.
  13. I just picked up this 96 RR with a Merc 260. Not sure of the entire history. I think it started out back east, then spent its recent years out here in CA and AZ. Anyone ever seen it before?
  14. I was told that after Summerford wss done in 96 there was another builder making them in Mo, or down that way, for a year or two before Triad took over. Mike Mullins at Mirage boats in Florida can tell you who it was. I cant rmember the name.
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