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  1. dragline

    Jack plate on pcs

    Thanks for the input ,I will leave the jack plate on . yes I have 1.87 gears,and actuallythe prop Im runningis a lightning et,so it is getting the nose up .After rigging the boatand listening to your advice,the boat has gained 7 mph for minimal money,not to bad!I do appreciate the help!!
  2. dragline

    Jack plate on pcs

    I have a 91 pcs with a 93 mariner 2.5 efi 200.Im turning a merc 30 pitch clever at 6700 rpm.Im 1 3/8 inches above the bottom of the boat (with a 5 inch jack plate).The boat gps at 92 mph.After reading the article about pcs,s can run 3 to 5 mph faster with out the jack plate ,how much speed would I pick up if any running only a 200hp if I removed mine?Also if I remove the jack plate will I have to lower the motor a tad?