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  1. Was good to see you the other day Anthony, sad the reason we were there, Sean will be missed. Rob is working on the boat and I'll and get some pics. I don't know if this boat will take the punishment that the HST did. You know those Rice 3 footers. You saw enough of that one in action. Wonder how the stv will be for one of the poker runs, 90 miles mite be a little rough on my body.
  2. Thanks Admid. Ya pics would help but your dealing with a computer illiterate so will have to wait for son. Some previous owner had the transom cut for 15 but didn't cover the hole, so if you slow down quickly it could get a little wet. So it is headed to the shop for some TLC. and it will end up with a L/S offshore on it. Just a lake runner.
  3. Bought this gem last winter,finally getting ready to assemble. Some haul repairs being done by a pro. No pics yet. It's a Summerford STV River Rocket. serial no. SOD00686D696. On the US Coast Guard sticker it says Summerford Racing Inc. Hendersonville Tenn.37075 Rated for 275hp What, if anything can anyone tell me about this boat???????????????????
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