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  1. SDOC22

    MY STV 20' 4"

    The hull has some minor spider cracking and pressure cracking but it is minor, I would like to have the hull redone and repainted as well as replace the interior and the windshield and trim. Would you happen to have any contact information for Rob Schythes? I would be interested in having him take a look at the boat and recommend any repairs he could help with. When you asked if I was wrapping it, is that what Double R does? I was under the impression that they were a full one stop shop for the repair work and paint, modifications etc. Any help you could throw my way would be appreciated!! Do you guys ever get together for lake runs or anything like that?
  2. SDOC22

    MY STV 20' 4"

    Thanks Anthony!! I am wondering if this was an original from Charger, this is a 1988. Any recommendations for the restoration? I was hoping to take it to Modfather on HWY 11,(ORO MEDONTE, ONTARIO) I'm sure that they would do great work, I was hoping to take it to Ray Stoss but after reading all the forums here I may be reluctant to do so.... everyone says that the ones he builds are crap??
  3. SDOC22

    MY STV 20' 4"

    Small one but here is another of the boat.
  4. SDOC22

    MY STV 20' 4"

    Another shot from the front, I don't have a picture that you can see the Charger STV on the side but it's there!!
  5. SDOC22

    MY STV 20' 4"

    I was aking about the motor because it is rated for a 300 and I'm only running a 225. Would it be a safe boat still with the 300 or should I be worried about blowover??
  6. SDOC22

    MY STV 20' 4"

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and new to boating, I saw a 20' 4" Charger STV and it just spoke to me, so I bought it!! The lines on this boat are amazing, I am planning to restore it to original or better this winter, do you have any suggestions for the Motor?? I currently have a 225 Yamaha and I get 75-85 MPH all day long, very fast for me as a newbie. I have been told very different things when it comes to the model of boat I have, do you know what it is officially listed as?? My picture is on my profile, I can add more and video's if you can let me know how. Thanks guys!! Shaun