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  1. I am not sure what amalgamation of parts would constitute a "stock 15" XR6" but your performance jives with what little I have been able to uncover about the newer STV hulls with small power. I have had my attorney looking in to what precious little precedent exists around overpowered boats and accidents. His analysis is that the factory rating of the powerhead assembly (based on the entirety of its parts) is the deciding factor. Given an LTVs 150hp USCG rating we think minimal liablity will attach to an XR6 powerhead assembly even if mounted on a SST/F1 midsection with a SSM. In light of the boat already being shoe boxed it should be very straight forward to rework the transom area to fit a 12" midsection. I am interested to hear from others that have run an LTV/STV with an SSM. Specifically for prop placement, what relationships between the pad, and 1)the propshaft centerline, and 2)the leading edge of the propeller hub did you find to be the best? What props ran best for you? We have located a cache consisting of a newer style mid with up and down, two SSM VI, one SSM IV, six new style four blades 10 X 15 1/2", 10.25 X 15 1/2", 10 X 16", 10.25 X 16", 10 X 17", 10.25 X 17", plus 16 and 17" three blades of unknown diameter. Current owner has never run the stuff but says the original owner bought it all for and ran it on a drag boat of some type.
  2. Tunnel Vee bottom. I don't know if this specific design is the design that was raced in ModVP when LTVs were campaigned.
  3. We can buy the hull right given its current state and my son has his eye on a carb 2.5L 150XR6 that has been warmed up with a shorter tuner, heads, reeds, etc probably now making 180-190hp. I Wish I could find somebody that has real world experience with a sub 200hp motor on a light LTV before we pull the trigger. I would hate to put hundreds of hours into this rig only to find it won't run any faster than the 70mph our old comp Viper will do.
  4. I am considering a winter project with my 15 year old son. He has become bored with his V4 powered Hydrostream Viper and wants to try a tunnel with V6 power. A disassembled LTV has come on our radar. We would rebuild the boat in to stringer bottom center steer configuration. In checking around the web it looks like LTVs don't run too impressively (60-65mph) with a floor and full interior with smaller motors. Does anybody here have any experience with a light version of one of these hulls with a 150 V6 ? For obvious reasons I am disinclined to overpower a hull for a 15 year old operator.
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