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  1. deckofficer

    Anyone using the Verado 350 SCi?

    So about the heaviest engine to clamp on would be around 300 lbs like the Optimax 200? I think the Optimax 300 is about 500 lbs, and the supercharged 350 hp 4 stroke about 650 lbs?
  2. deckofficer

    New member's intro and a land-based version of a SVT

    Thanks for the reply Anthony. What is your experienced take on hanging an additional 150 lbs on the stern?
  3. deckofficer

    New member's intro and a land-based version of a SVT

    My above post was held for moderation so I did another intro. My first question I started a thread on, wondering if anyone was using the Verado 350 SCi? I know it is about 150 lbs heavier, but I would like a quiet motor with good longevity.
  4. deckofficer

    My intro to the forum

    Hi all, name is Bob and have been a fan of the SVT ever since HotBoat magazine pitted it against all the other fast boats of the day. The most impressive was how fast it could get out the hole and hit 30 mph. I never bought one because I'm under the impression that conditions have to be optimal for safe airing out of this type of boat. I'm retired now and will be buying a lakefront home with pier, dock, and boat lift. I think this will allow me to be choosy as to when I would take the SVT out for a romp. I've been a gear head for 40 years with a lot of hot rods and one luke warm performance boat. My current hot rod is what I would call the road equivalent of an STV, weighing 1790 lbs, 516 lb/ft @ 2800, going into a Tremec TKO 600 5 speed manual, into a Jag IRS 3.54 and 31" tires. Like the STV, less mass means your not fighting the Laws of Physics when putting it through its paces. About 25 years ago giving my parents a ride on Lake Tahoe. Looking forward to learning from you folks about the STV, and future ownership.
  5. I know it is about 150 lbs heavier than the two strokes, but for us that want a longer running, quieter motor and not have to deal with two stroke restrictions on many lakes, I wouldn't mind paying the extra coin if that added aft weight doesn't cause problems.
  6. Hi all, Name is Bob and I finally found this forum. I have been interested in the SVT ever since reading a performance test in Hot Boat magazine that pitted this little boat against some real fire breathing blown big blocks about 25 years ago. I didn't run out and buy one then because I felt to safely enjoy its potential, water conditions would have to be ideal for that kind of speed and didn't want to trailer out to the local lakes just to be skunked for the day due to wave height. Now I'm retired from the Merchant Marine (hence the handle "Deckofficer"), and due to property values being low have decided to buy a lakefront home with covered dock, so perfect for having an SVT ready and primed for favorable water conditions. I have been the fast boat route before, but nothing like the time to speed and top speed of an SVT. This old flatty with the 392 Hemi and V-drive could manage 85 mph, but I'm sure would take twice as long to reach that speed than a SVT, and it would continue to triple digits while my old Hemi screamed in protest at going 85. This is an old picture I scanned, probably close to 30 years ago at Tahoe, taking my parents for a ride. This is my current land-based version of an SVT, weighing all of 1790 lbs, powered by a sbc (350 block, 400 crank, 383) I built for torque. I gave up around 120 hp on the high end to have 516 lb/ft @ 2800 on the low end going through a Tremec TKO-600 5 speed with 0.64 OD to a Jag IRS 3.54 and 31" tires. With this intro I'm hoping some knowledgeable SVT owner will explain to me what I might be getting into with finding a good SVT. Thank you, after years of going 18 kt all over the world, I'm looking forward to something a bit faster and doesn't displace 125,000 tons.