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  1. John Rude

    PICTURE POST feature

    John Rudes Party Barge
  2. John Rude

    blow out

    Exhausting troubles Mike. If you are not venting the exhaust it will cause your problem. Covering the top of the prop helps also. Feel free to ask the Rude, an the Rude will reply. CAN HELP! YO FREN, John Rude.
  3. John Rude

    200 to open!

    Da Darkie! da Rude
  4. John Rude

    200 to open!

    Da udder brudder! da Rude
  5. John Rude

    200 to open!

    Da dark side uv da Rude, en anuthur Johnsun bruthur! da Rude!
  6. John Rude

    Where are all the Johnson's at?

    Wer R All Da Johnson's At??? I sho know I'm not alone on dees syber waves. Lees yomamma iz hamren on dem Brunzwekers. Thanks to ya Merc-Killer! Yer Rown, John Rude.
  7. John Rude

    200 to open!

    Portrait uv dat Rude catchin' da "BIG BREEZE"! Dem moturz duzunt has ta beez black to haul dat mail!!! Dem botes hit dem triple digitz wif dem OMC jes fine. Hoppy Easter! Yo Fren, Da Rude
  8. John Rude

    Gel coat???

    Duh! Uuh! Gel goz n befo enee tang else, dat bees furst. Mak'z sum purdy culurz lyk RADE! Dunno bowt Walley's bote'z, but genrall purpuss resem'z wuz uzed. Epoxy wuz jes a filler. Kevlar n bi-axial made up da threds. Aaah!!! AME4000-- --- RADE my faverrite culurr!! Hepped keep dem dang stress crakz out uv dem finish when dem too high moterz blowed out. Luv dat fumz of dem new bote! BTW, Carbun wuz fer real mens!!!!!!!!!! Catchin' da "BIG" breeze. Yo fren, Da Rude
  9. John Rude

    How many of us?, Triad, STV, Lazer, Charger?

    Hey what about this ?? Fly I bees proud fo u to hurd frum da Rude agin! Wif dat thank'n Roark went down da hill from dere. Da Big Man sade Jesus gits out dat desine at a hunnert. Ma fren gotzed out upside down at a hunnert an two. Nice bote, but bees careful!!! Ifn u rilly fly, den u gotz no wurry's... Yo fren, Da Rude
  10. John Rude

    Is a 2.5 the best way to go??

    Wud luv 2 mete yuz guyz on dem ripples. Luv ta ketch ta big breeze. Da Rude
  11. John Rude

    Is a 2.5 the best way to go??

    "I don't know what I'm talking about but its never stopped me before." The Techno... Dem paintz add wate to dem bote fo sho, slowz dat pickle-sickle down. Rade beez fasser-n-da res dem culurz cause dem moleculez bees travlin' at a higher freek-n-see den dem udder culurz (jes lik dem Jonrude)! Lugz is fo holdin' on dem wheel and dem hades. Sum round here got a few loose lugz too. 350 I.Y.D. HP'z??? Yu mussa dun strained dat strain gage! Land and Sludge needz ta fix dat mometer, cuz it be showin' mo moto den u got! Yo fren, Da Rude
  12. John Rude

    Is a 2.5 the best way to go??

    I bees wantin' sum dem 60 hoss hades!!!!! Bet yo spark'n plugs gib yo bote least 10 mo?? I ben tole dat if you shuv dem hades to da inside fo snuggin' da lugs, gud fo least 500 mo rounds!!! John Rude
  13. John Rude

    Well getting a STV

    Yeh what he said! Skydog, buy the rig, sell the 2.5, and but a big Johnson (3.0) on it. It will run and drive much better. The Rude knows!
  14. John Rude

    How many of us?, Triad, STV, Lazer, Charger?

    Not lucky, just love STV's, love to play!!! Ya see down here ya got your "Drag Racer", ya "Mid Rangers", ya "Top End Guys" ( few wanna go there ), and, well, the ladies just like to ride! One just would not do. Roark built specific boats and I've enjoyed them all. Run the same motor as well. Life is Spicy, AIYEEEEEE!!!!!! John Rude
  15. John Rude

    How many of us?, Triad, STV, Lazer, Charger?

    Some of us own more than one. Fix the voting machine please. multi STV owner John Rude