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  1. Rick Bullock

    Mirage Performance

    Ran the Mirage yesterday with new prop, 28" chopper with prop shaft even with pad. Results: Difficulty getting on plane, then SEVERE wheel torque! Appreciate any help/ advice! Thanx, Rick
  2. Rick Bullock

    Engine Height/ Mirage Rude 200

    Hey Mirage Bro's, What height [ propshaft to center hull bottom] is every body running? Im currently running a 24" raker at a bout 6" below pad. Have a 27" chopper to try also. This is my first tunnel, I am coming from 'Streams. Appreciate the help, advice, comments! Thanx, RB
  3. Rick Bullock

    New Mirage Owner

    RB here. I recently purchased a '93 Mirage Jag W/ '93 Rude 200. Current prop is a 24" Raker. Previous Owner claims this is best prop for the boat. This is new territory for me as I am coming from pad bottom 'Streams running over-hub choppers! Any help/ suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanx. Rick