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  1. Sorry for the confusion. Guess my signature pict is too big. The blue and white boat is mine. I was asking about your orange and white LTV copy.
  2. Did this boat just sell to a guy in washington state ?
  3. The OMC is a good motor, but its lots of costly work to make them go over 100 on a STV. The gear case has been the real weak point for most that have run them on a STV. You might want to read about mods for the OMC Looper on ScreamAndFly.com
  4. I would use the factory transom holes. No need to fill and drill new holes. A jack plate comes in very handy. You can make the adjustments for drag vs top end, and you will have more clearance to tilt up at a beach. As far as I know, the top STV drag guys run a jack plate and as far back as 9". You can even run a 15" mid on a 20' transom with the proper jack plate, no need to cut up the boat.
  5. One of these days I plan on dropping a Etec 300 powerhead on my setup. Just wish I had the extra cash to do it now. Hopefully in the future we will get some options to raise the rpm of these motors.
  6. 1650, Lets see some more picture of your boat. Thats the first ETec I've seen on a Euro. Looks like the motor is sitting really low. I bet it will pick up quite a bit of speed when you get low water p/u, and raise the motor. Our boat weights are about the same and mine loves the 3 blade ET, I have wanted to try a 4 blade ET, Im sure it will work well. Lance
  7. Bullet 1650, You have a chance to run other props , and raise the motor yet ? Im sure it has allot left in it, from your trophy setup.
  8. Cool. I've been waiting for someone to do this. Im running a OMC 3 liter with a merc sporty on my euro. My boat really likes the 3 blade ET. I have never run the 4 blade. To run the Merc hub kit on the OMC shaft, I believe you could just drill out 1" of the splines. Looking foward to your results. Fish. What was your final result with the pro et prop ? mph, rpm ?
  9. I hope to some day. An E-tec powerhead would bolt right on to my setup. When the rev limiter is removed, I hear that they scream. Of course this mod is not available to the public yet, but when it is I want one. From what I've heard, the factory has helped and supported testing of the E-tec with removed rev limiter. Im sure when rev limiter removal and fuel curve mapping is available, that it will be just to the race circuit guys. Of course it will make it into the hands of guys like us. As for weight, mine runs great.
  10. Do you notice any performance or handeling difference with the mod ?
  11. Sorry I dont remember the name of the company, but its in Florida. They are very nice seats
  12. The only one that I know of with stepped sponsons was the drag bottom. Not sure what year they were built, but there were very few boats. Maybe yours is something different. Post some good picts, and im sure someone else will post lots of info. Lance
  13. A 7" or 9" plate from Chuck is what ya need. The more setback the more tilt you will have. With the 7" my SeaStar ram would not fit, so I had to go to side ram steering. A Sea Star system will fit with a 9". You may also need longer hyd. lines, battery cables, fuel line and so on.
  14. Great pict Maureen took at your NW Rally. You really need to Click the enlarge button to see the quality ofthe picts. I slowed down for a photo opt with a Stream
  15. I think only a few of those were made. Good luck.
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