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    Boating, woodworking, Custom Harleys, building various types of vehicles (custom bikes, off-road trucks & buggies)
  1. MarkH

    Motor Decision

    I had talked to him earlier in the summer and he said that Hi Perf boating was really in the dumps around him. He was into go-carts, but still doing some motor stuff as it came along. That's the same e-mail address that I have, it keeps bouncing back to me as "undeliverable". I used to have his cell phone number, but he doesn't have any numbers listed on his web page at all. Thanks anyway
  2. MarkH

    Motor Decision

    The 2.5 Merc on my Euro once again scattered it's guts. I'm trying to decide whether to fix it (again) or go with something else. At this point and time, I'm willing to give up some mph for reliability. I've seen some Yamahas and some 300 Mercs running around and just wondering how these are working out on the STVs. I'm just really disgusted with these 2.5s. Has anyone seen or heard from Randy Pierson at GPI? I lost his number and his e-mail keeps bouncing back to me. He must have a different e-mail address.
  3. MarkH

    I tawt I taw a yammi on

    Jon, What made you go with the Yamaha? Just curious? By the way, have you eaten any Tacos at that shack by the pond lately(can't remember the name of it)? Mark
  4. MarkH


    Hey Instigator, I just noticed that you are from Columbus. If you ever feel like playing in some new water, I boat at Seneca Lake, which is just south of Cambridge, Oh. About an hour east of Columbus. Pretty decent size lake, but I've got the only fast boat on the lake and it gets a little boring sometimes with nobody to play with. Do you have any details on the Buckeye Lake deal? My motor was down last year, but I would like to make it this year. My e-mail is mark@ntwonline.com, drop me a line if you ever want to give Seneca Lake a try.
  5. MarkH

    Hydromotive Props

    Has anyone ever tried either the Hydromotive TX3 or 4s on their STVs? How about hearing what props you guys are having good results with
  6. MarkH

    1995-96 STV Price Lists

    Believe it or not, I have had this boat for over 10 years and have never taken a picture of it. Don't know why, maybe just never had a camera at the right time. Maybe this will be the year. It is a little different than most. Everything on it is solid red, carpet, seats, no stripes, and everything else is powdercoated black. Looks like a Testarossa without wheels. It's always been garaged and has never stayed in water over night. Still in pretty nice shape for as old as it is. I originally had a 2.4 carb on it that was pretty much a grenade. I think it was blown up more than it ran. I'm looking forward to a nice summer this year with my new GPI 280.
  7. MarkH

    1995-96 STV Price Lists

    That brings back memories. Those are the exact same price sheets that I ordered my Euro from back in the winter of 1994. I still remember reading that damn thing about a thousand times making sure that I got everything right. I ended up with just a hair over $10000.00 for it with the trailer. It is pretty loaded, more pleasure than strictly weight savings. It has the lights, pop-up cleats, the ski pole (which has never been used) and I had to do a little convincing Rourke to powdercoat everything that wasn't red black, even the rubrails and cleats were powdercoated black. I bought it off of Ron Alstott down in Kentucky and on the way back to eastern Ohio, a couple of State Patrol chased me down and drove beside me for a couple of miles checking out the boat. When they finally backed off they noticed that I had no plates on the trailer. Bingo! $75 ticket, thanks Ron, for no temp tags. It doesn't seem like that was over 10 years ago. Man time goes fast the older you get!
  8. MarkH

    We need something new to talk about.

    I think that a surface drive would be the way to go, something like an Arnarson.
  9. MarkH

    STV ModVP questions

    Right before I bought my Euro back in '94, a dealer took me a test ride in a Euro with an Evinrude 150 on it. It ran 80 mph and I'm sure that he hadn't put a ;ot of time or effort in setting it up right. The motor still had the stock round gearcase on it, so I'm sure that there is more potential there. I'm afraid that these guys are right about the 4strokes. They are pigs! My 28' pontoon has an older 40 HP Johnson on it and it is a lot faster than all of my buddies pontoons with larger 4 strokes on them (if you consider 30 mph fast) Hummm, wonder what a 2.5 would do hanging off the back of the pontoon?
  10. MarkH

    Buckeye Lake Ohio

    I think that I'll do that!
  11. MarkH

    Buckeye Lake Ohio

    Thanks for the info. If I get my motor back in time, I will try and get there. I live in Cambridge, OH, so it is just a short trip for me. Mark
  12. MarkH

    Buckeye Lake Ohio

    OK, maybe if I ask really nice again, someone will let me in on what is going on at Buckeye Lake. Please? I live about an hour east of there.
  13. MarkH

    Buckeye Lake Ohio

    What is going on at Buckeye Lake? I live about an hour east of there.
  14. MarkH

    cowling opinions

    I send you a PM
  15. MarkH

    cowling opinions

    I'll have a 2.4 cowl complete available about the middle of next month. Right now it is still on the motor, but I'll be swapping motors next month as soon as Randy gets my new one finished and I'll be parting out what is still good on the 2.4 motor (which isn't a whole lot). It is in good shape, but has been repainted (still black) and has red MERCURY decals (not the originals). Mark