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    who is Brendan Power?
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    thanks for the reply! motors a 91 bought it from Jeff Edwards up here in Ontario,formally from Speedmaster and Ted Gryguch. the exhaust and intake have been done. exhaust supposedly byDiamond and the intake by Jeff . had a major disaster when an injecter went away.when it was rebuilt($$$$$$$$) jeff put stock heads on , the previous heads were cut but not cc d. The 2.5 is on an old 2.4 offshore mid and cle with a cone and I would imagine a 2.4 exhaust plate.I traded the original cone for the offshore unit and haven't had much w/ pressure since, good volume at high speed but no pressure. Had a 28 merc clever, actually several,all lab finished but they didn't last. Finally the motors on a 6 in cmc manual lift . if memory serves center of propshaft is 1 and 1 1/8 above the pad didn t want to go much higher at the time(the waterpressure thing. thx for the help, greatly appreciated
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    what are you guys got for hp, props ,tuners ? seen some show with greg terzian from scream and fly and all those euros are turning 125/ 130! I m stuck around 108/110. my motor is a 91 2.5 offshore modified .