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  1. New 2006 STV Euro

    Chuck, Next time your in the area let me know, come by and check them out. We have two Euro's and one River Rocket in stock.
  2. Check out the new feature on screamandfly.com It's of our 2.5xs optimax powered Euro which had suprising results.
  3. Ocean's 2.5xs powered Euro

    Thanks Anthony. I think everyone will really enjoy this feature
  4. Ocean's 2.5xs powered Euro

    Bruce, your not a nuisance at all. I am also looking foward to the feature on ScreamAndFly.com, Greg said it should be up within a few days.
  5. Mercury 2.5XS

    The 2.5xs may or may not be available next year, There doing some testing right now to try and keep it emisions legal for 2006.
  6. Ocean's 2.5xs powered Euro

    There will be a feature on this boat on ScreamAndFly.com by monday, it will have all the info and our evalutation of the package
  7. New (to me) STV ModVP ... handling issues

    Jeff, I never had that problem with the River Rocket, but then again it is a standard lay-up rocket. I also have a 15" mid with the short trim ram, and i also am running 5" of setback. Once i did have the prop shaft 1 5/8 above the pad and i never got a hop, however the handling went completely out the door with the motor that high. The boat would hook pretty badly when you let off the gas at high speeds. Now i run a 32" clever about 1" above the pad and it runs great and the hook problem is gone. Hoever because i have the short trim ram i had to place Transom wedges between the Engine and the Jackplate for more positive trim. The transom wedge i believe is a 5* degree wedge. This helped considerably when getting through the porpoise speed of the STV as well as running down wind. My point is maybe you don't have enough positive trim. I put those transom wedges right before i finished breaking in the motor,so im not sure how it would have handled with out them at high speed. But i can tell you with that short trim ram, I think you need some type of transom wedge, anywhere from 2-6 degrees. I know with my perticular setup the 5 degree wedge worked perfectly and gives me more then enough trim.

    Last one......

    here's a couple more of Ocean Marine's River Rocket...

    here some more

    heres a couple pics of our STV river rocket at Ocean Marine.
  12. New 2006 STV Euro

    new stv euro for sale, rigged anyway you desire, please Email Oceanmarine1@aol.com for pricing
  13. Ocean's 2.5xs powered Euro

    haha Thanks Bruce.... I'll be posting some pics on info soon...
  14. Gearcases

    Our River Rocket ran best in my opinion with the coned stock V6 case, however the Sportmaster i had modified by JC Propellers handles just fine on our STV, the boat just sits locked in and as stable as can be at 120+
  15. hopping

    Maybe trim was to negative?