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  1. STV Bob K


    I use a DAH 14 1/4 x 27 on Euro/2.5 Drag for general lake use. Has some torque steer were it sems to run best for me with zero trim. My rig tops out With the DAH 27 around 115 Mph with two aboard. I think the RPM is about 9300. Try changing the trim setting, just a little, to place the prop deeper and then up to surface the prop more. I am told that most Euros run best at zero trim for top end performance. If the torque steer goes away at neg. trim, then you probably with need to set the prop deeper at zero/netrual trim.
  2. STV Bob K


    I ordered the new Compvest from Lifeline. They say it's legal for outboard drag racing. Apparently Jay Archer is using one in DRSA.
  3. STV Bob K


    Would the compvest or "pocker run" Lifeline jackets be certified/legal for use at OBDA and SDBA racing events?
  4. STV Bob K


    I run a 27 SRX worked by DAH on my 2002 Euro with a Merc Drag. Have run 115 mph with two people. Good all around prop. No handling issues. Would like a chance to try a 28 ET this summer.
  5. STV Bob K

    Missing Member

    What happen to Wayne Tripp? He started the 280 project tech series. No entries since April. His contribution to the Tech corner has been fantastic. Has he quit racing?
  6. STV Bob K

    A strange lesson learned anecdote

    Good catch Wayne. Thanks for the tip.
  7. STV Bob K

    What Happened to the 2.5 Racing Engineers

    Did you get the Jasper Pictures I emailed you?
  8. STV Bob K

    What Happened to the 2.5 Racing Engineers

    Wayne good to know your still out there! Who is BRP?
  9. STV Bob K

    Prop Spacers

    Wayne has something in the works for me. Thanks. Thanks Mike.
  10. STV Bob K

    Prop Spacers

    Wayne, I sent you an email. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  11. STV Bob K


    Randy, I haven't had the time to respond to your comments regarding rigging the lighter RR. First off, I suggested that Pete order a Euro. I will leave it there! I saw Pete's boat and wondered about the setback. I thought that the boats Wally builds have more setback built in the short shaft hulls? My Euro Ski hull was built for a short shaft and the jack plate set back is about 1 3/4 inches less than Pete's. His RR must be lighter in the front than mine right? I am no expert but it seems that the boat CG has moved too far to the rear? I would seem that more set back would only offer lateral stability but the bounce. I have a 2001 2.5 Drag on my Euro Ski. What did you mean "the higher ports" on his drag motor? Did you mean his motor was modified or just the later 2.5 Drag motors in general. Please advise.
  12. STV Bob K

    Prop Spacers

    Wayne, I would lke to try your spacers. I have two different round ear props. The spacer that came with the 22 Drap prop you sold me looks like OD is too small for the SRX/DAH 27 and a 26 prop from Randy. If your interested, I could post some pictures of these props. Please advise. Thanks.
  13. STV Bob K


    Brian, Have you found you problem yet?
  14. STV Bob K


    I have run my Euro 2.5 drag with the an unmodified sportsmaster to 110 with one passanger. Smooth as silk. Prop was a SRX/DAH 27 pitch with some couping added. I have not had the opportunity to try to go faster. I should add that my boat was setup by Rick from Trade Winds. I am running zero to 2 degrees trim. The boat catches enough air to fly at around 90 MPH. I have tried a friends 26 ET. The prop pull hard to 100 MPH. I did have the chance to turn it loose. Seem to be a great prop! The guy who loaned me the 25 ET now has a RR set up by Randy at GPI. It has one of the last 2.5 drags with a Hoss Trition prop. The guy is not very happy with his boat. He said it felt light and squirrelly. I told him to try the ET first. Second try runing the prop deeper.
  15. STV Bob K

    2-Cycle High Performance Oils

    I just received 2.5 gal of the Alisyn oil today. I am in Michigan, the oil was shipped from Columbus Ohio. It took only 3 days to get here by standard UPS ground. Thanks again for the advise.