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    the euro and motor you are talking about from the show (Helmut's) is heavily modified, 130's is extremely rare for a euro- mid teens is a lot more common. what 2.5 you running? any mods ? what prop? I am running a 96 euro with a Ski bottom, mild mods on a 260 (cut heads and Brendan Power recurved box), sport master, 4" setback, and i am in the mid teens (114 and it was still pulling when i ran out of river but doubt there was more than a couple mph left if that) with a 3 blade ET (dont recall if it was the 30 or the 32 when i did that, probably the 30).
  2. fish

    Euro rig... need info

    might try Jack Barsh at full throttle powerboats in jacksonville fl.
  3. fish

    15" mid trim indicator for 2.5 merc

    stainless marine has them. here is the actuator. http://www.stainlessmarine.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=83&category_id=57&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=3 their site dies not seem to be working real well with pics for some reason, but the links are on the left of the page. best bet is to call them dirung the week. btw, leave a little more cable than you think you will need, you dont want to bind it and it is better to be too long than too short. fish
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    New to the site

    welcome to the site! you will not be disappointed with an stv, there's nothing like them.
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    STV Small Projects

    i know what you mean, i have a hard time cutting a hole in the boat or adding a thru hull. right now i am leaning towards ziptying the hose underneath the cables that come out on the stbd side cable boot to the motor. i am thinking i will cut the hose off fairly short so it cannot be seen and that way i do not have to add a thru hull fitting but water can still be pumped out just in case.
  6. fish

    STV Small Projects

    looks good Anthony, i have been thinking about the bilge idea myself; i like what you did.
  7. I was at Parker's House the other night and he pulled out what I believe is a never before seen video of the top end shootout held on the3 Suwannee in 05'. As far as I know, the only other video of Michael Dixon Running 143.4mph was the one I shot and the quality is horrible. This one was shot from the Radar gun boat so the angles are much better (even if the camera-man may have had a few cocktails under his belt) ). Anyway, this video has several Passes from Dixon, Dennis making his usual perfect passes in the high 130's, Hank's Blow over...and lots more. Thanks to Parker/Hammerdown Racing for the video, and to Larry for hosting this here on STVOwners.com Fish 2005 Suwannee River Top End Shootout
  8. fish

    euro set back

    first of all, congrats on the new euro. As for the 10 inches of setback, it is more than i have heard anyone running on a euro, but I am running 6" and have at times thought it was not quite enough. i talked to ricky (eyelove boats) about his t-3 and he was running 10-12" (way mor than anyone else was running on the t-3)and got some pretty serious numbers out of it. He was a big proponent of more setback for what ever it is worth, but said it had a pretty wicked hop at the bubble. i dont know anyone who has spent more time with different setups on a euro than helmut, might try sending him a pm and getting his $.02
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    Hi everyone

    welcome deez!
  10. fish

    New Ride

    hey rocket mike, welcome to stvowners. Congrats on the new ride, have fun and stay safe. if you need decals, here is who i got mine from. He did a great job, and I am sure others on here can attest to the same thing. he goes by fast eddie, here is his contact info: (765)966-4857 phone (765)962-4858 fax signman817@aol.com ask for Ed. fish
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    1650, that is one of the best looking euro's I have ever seen and I am pretty partial to mine!!! thanks for the input on the HO too, I am sure there are many more people here interested on how it runs.
  12. fish


    hey adam, that sounds really cool, put up some pics whenyou get a chance. Here are my thoughts on the prop. I want to qualify this by saying I am winging a lot of this and just really thinking out loud based on my experience and a little speculation. I personally love my 3 blade et. from what I have seen, the people who get the most speed out of their stv's with sporty's are usually running cleavers (helmut, keys dave...etc). cleaver is a stern lifting prop. With the extra weight of the h.o. vs a 260, drag, 280, you might need a bit more stern lift anyway. When I ran my 4 blade et, I found it to be faster than the 3 blade which I assume is due to greater efficiency, and it had considerably more stern lift than the 3 blade. Assuming you can get a hub to run an et for a brp motor, i am guessing the 4 blade ET might be a good prop based the greater stern lift since the h.o. is a bit heavier than a lot of the merc's we are running. Again, I am just winging this, but based on my limited knowledge those are my thoughts.
  13. fish


    Totally understand and think it would be an awesome combo. I think Ocean marine ran a 3.0L merc on a euro and it ran really well, so I would guess the extra weight of the etec over the 245 would not hurt much if at all, and I would bet that if you ever wanted to break the tripple digit mark it would do it no problem. Looking at your post again, I realize you were not asking about the etec 225, but how it would run on the euro. I love my 260, but there are definitely times when it would be nice to have a basically maaintenance free motor that I could run all weekend on a tank of gas with.
  14. fish


    Not trying to make this a ford chevy thing since I really have a a lot of respect for the new BRP offerings and would not have any concerns about owning one despite being very much a merc guy. However, it is my understanding the Optimax is better on fuel economy than the etec. Bass and wall eye showed it in the head to head tests. Both are very good and I have heard nothing but glowing praises for BRP's warranty and customer service. The 225HO is an awesome motor, but so is the optimax. I would think that given the relative parity in performance and fuel with the merc only having a slight edge, I would think warranty and customer service would more or a decision maker if brand loyalty is not a concern. Just my $.02.
  15. I have not seen a stv jack built yet, but I run all the time with andy driver, brad, and used to run with skittles all having quartershots. Additionally, Jack repaired my stv. His work is very good, I would put it up there with any other stv out there; mine looked better than it ever did when I got it back as did Skittles after being t-boned by a car, sid vicious with a whole new transom, and ricky after blowing over his t-3 in a race in puerto rico. I am glad FTP is picking up where wally left off, i could not imagine anyone else that would maintain the quality the way Jack will.
  16. fish

    winter mods

    I hear ya, and I am sure you can gauge my customer satisfaction level as well.
  17. fish

    winter mods

    been there, done that... new fuel pump, new regulator, new filter and low fuel pressure left me on the trailer for the last river ranch. figured it had to be the gauge or sender, but did not want to take the chance. bought a mech gauge and pressure was fine. tach reads 400 higher at idle than ddt shows, gps speedo reads 20 mph all the time. i either have a bad antenna or accidentally bought the omc speedo and it is maxed out LOL fuel and water pressure work ok though.
  18. fish

    winter mods

    i want to do the same thing with my steering, just saving up for the pieces. gonna send my gauges back to livorsi too to get them working.
  19. I would love to try one too, I bet it would be a great prop. I can tell you not to waste your money one one of the copies on ebay ... been there, done that.
  20. fish

    STVs at JASPER

    great pics of some really cool boats, thanks!
  21. fish

    daves boat.

    That is a great looking ride Dave. fish
  22. fish

    Trim indicator on 260

    Are you serious or kidding?
  23. fish

    Trim indicator on 260

    I would install a stainless marine mech trim. I am not sure if there is a trim indicator in the 260 or not, but the merc gauges are not reall acurate IMHO, the mech gauge is. I used to have to turn around and look at my rooster tail to know if i was in the ball park then go by feel. Lost a few pairs of sunglasses looking back, and a couple of times I got a little more trim that I was planning. I still think feel for the boat is the best, but I like being able to glance at the dash and know what ball park I am in with out having to take my eyes off where I am going (my gauge is actually at the highest point in my faux windscreen).
  24. I went out today to run the euro before the jungle run this weekend. Decided to take a few props with me; 2 new to me props that I have not run but wanted to try. THIS IS BY NO MEANS SCIENTIFIC, just some results generally from three different props running on the same boat, hot and humid as hell, 3/4 to 1/2 tank of gas. Euro, ski bottom, stock 260, 20"sportmaster w/1.87 gears. I decided to make the control rpms 7300 since that is where I hit 100 with the euro and the ET, and there were some lake lice on the lake throwing some random wakes. First was my control prop: 30 et 3 blade. As mentioned above, 100mph @ 7300rpms. This is still my favorite prop. Also ran this first, so the tank was closer to 3/4 full (boat was heaviest with this one). Second prop: 4 blade 28 ron hill ET copy. 89.4mph @ 7300rpms. I did not expect much from this prop. I wanted to try a 4 blade and love my et, so I figured for the money, even if it sucks I have a stump cutter for runs when water levels are low. I was pleasantly surprised at first. Steering torque was less than real 3 blade ET(expected since it was a 4 blade) and I liked not having to fight the steering wheel. I found I needed a little more trim, not sure why. Prop was quick and responsive and carried the boat pretty well. However, I began to notice a vibration; not a big shutter, but definitely noticeable especially over 5000rpms so I decided time to take it off while my LU is still in tact. third prop: 3 blade 30 hoss triton: 98.5 @ 7300rpms. I liked the prop and have heard good things about them, but I did not like it as much as the ET. I am sure some of it has to do with not having the same amount of experience driving with the hoss as the ET, but it did not carry the bow well IMHO, and had more steering torque than the ET. Additionally, this was the third prop and the tank was down to close to 1/2 tank so the boat was the lightest when I ran this one; still slower than the ET. like I said, these are not scientific and the props are not all the same size.. just my observations with three props. I might try to get together 6-7 different boats this winter when the air is cooler, less boat traffic and all run a bunch of different props just to see what happens. I will hopefully have a real 4 blade et by then.