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  1. Heh, I sent her an email. Wondered why I hadn't heard back yet! Thanks Chummy I appreciate it.
  2. I saw that one, and was hoping for a bit newer, and I wasn't wild about the colors. We'll see what happens. I really liked Scott's boat.
  3. Well things didn't work out with Scott, he decided to keep the boat. So if anyone knows of a Triad V-21 for sale I would be interested in hearing about it.
  4. well hey 90+ is good too. I am waiting to here back from the bank right now. Mid january eh? I probably won't have everything wrapped up with him to go down and pick it up that quickly. I am from MI. I have a cousin in GA somewhere, It's near ATL and starts wtih a D or an L I can't remember I so I will prolly stop off there on the way home.
  5. 1998 it's scott tharpes boat from S&F. I think it has about 8 inches, but I would have to look back and see. He originally was selling with out power but knew of a PM 225 in the area and is going to rig it with that. Looking for 90mph or so with that. Of course I will have to learn the hull and probably won't see that for a few months or so.
  6. I wouldn't say "used to" flying a viper, I have experienced it By the sounds of it the learning curve should not be too bad. I should be able to catch on.
  7. I am anxiously awaiting the purchase. Currently waiting on my insurance lady to get back with me. What kind of learning curve should one expect? My only pad V experience has been in a 50 MPH Four Winns and a 50 mph Hydrostream Viper Other then that I have spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a ski boat or a dual engine hydrodyne. (Lots of competitive waterskiing) Should I be able to expect full speed runs during my first summer?
  8. No Triad Guys out there? Looks like I am going to try and go with the triad. Need to get insurance quotes and check with the wifey.
  9. I originally wanted an Activator 22, Now I am thinking a Triad 21. Here is where I am at. I can not decide between the Activator, Triad 21 or a Euro. I am thinking that the Activator will be a bit less peppy then the other offerings, but a lot more fun in the rough nearby (Great Lakes, Bigger Lakes in MI). A Triad or Euro will be peppier and faster on my smaller inland lake. The triad gets the nod just for the simple fact I think I would rather have a V. So how would a Triad handle the rough? 2-3 foot swells?? I know it won't beat the Activator or Superboats, but can one still tool around in the rougher water if necessary? What about cruiser wakes? How fast with a 225 PM ? What about an Optimax? I know 100 seems to be within reach with a 260 or 280. I would like 85mph for now, can upgrade later.... The activator will probably take anything I could dish it but would be a bit less fun on the calmer water I will see more of.....can you see my dilemna? Any thoughts guys?
  10. uhhh yeah, your boats upside down lol My goal for 2005 is to figure out how to afford a euro, then figure out how to find a reasonable euro, then figure out how much fun it will be
  11. all things considered, which is potentially faster? I know the euro seats 4 MUCH more comfortably then a RR will....but side by side sitting is important for me up front, but I am slim (5-10 160) and so is my ole lady (5 foot 100 lbs) so a RR would potentially have enough room up front for us. So the concern is now the performance differences..... Which boat handles rougher water better? Which boat is faster? Is one inherently safer then the other? Are the bottoms the same? or just similar? can the RR handle chop on a bigger lake like a euro or is it limited? Thanks. *edit-well I typed rocker....I meant rocket but can't change it....make fun of me at will
  12. I don't have enough to purchase the boats I want outright. I haven't really talked to a bank or financing institute yet because it will be a while before I buy, but was curious and thought i would ask you guys. Is it difficult to get financing is it possible? impossible? New hulls only, able to get a used boat loan? I am sure insurance becomes an issue... Thanks
  13. I want a euro to be a quick fun boat to cruise around in. It doesnt need to pull a skier, My parents own a ski nautique I can ski behind. I would like to be able to pull a skier if need be. I'd like to see the 80's initially, and when i have the money and experience upgrade to a bigger motor and look for 100 or so. I enjoy some bigger water around michigan (burt lake, mullet lake, maybe great lakes, as well as lake st. clair), but will spend 90% of my time on a 300 acre lake. Again, If i can find a turn key boat over the winter/ this spring that fits my bill, then I will take whatever is hanging off the back, If i find just a boat, then I will look for a 225 promax or a 260/280. Seems those would be the reccomended motors.
  14. I think the promax fits my bill pretty well. I would like to hear any and all input as far as how well this particular motor works on a euro.
  15. I do have access to someone who knows and understands mercs well...He's been working there over 20 years I think my best bet would be a 2.5 of some sort then. I guess thats where I begin to get extremely confused, I'm not sure which years, which motors etc are the most desireable. The 225 promax seems decent to me and a 280 would be great if i could afford one...what was the older 220 laser? A turn key boat is also another option. Which would be fine with me, and actually preferable, I was just weary of the 260's and 280's because it seemed they needed rings so often. I guess if they aren't so bad now that i look into them more, I guess they are sorta like tires they need replacin once every year or two Where would be the best place to learn myself on all the different outboards that merc has out there? Both new and used.... Thanks again guys.
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