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  1. RiverRocket Restoration

    It looks like the funhouse with all those toys in the background.....hemi.....Mustang GT...
  2. Couple questions for RiverRocket owners

    I haven't noticed my mushroom cleats rattle. Maybe the offshore exhaust is the reason I don't hear them?
  3. Jasper River Run Video

    Not since Sept. Our lake just froze today, so unfortunately it is going to be a while now.
  4. Jasper River Run Video

    [attachmentid=2276] Shame on you for continously taking my money ! Thanks to you things are a little tight this year, luckily I got another one last week, so I'll have to pay you in steaks, chops, and sausage.
  5. Jasper River Run Video

    Iverson - only a couple more days until St. Pierre gives Hughes a beating!
  6. Jasper River Run Video

    Now that's big. Talk about feeding the family for the winter!
  7. Jasper River Run Video

    [attachmentid=2267]I've been hiding in the woods
  8. Dash Pics

    It's been a while. I hope to be back online more after the whitetail rut.
  9. Jasper River Run Video

    very cool
  10. Dash Pics

    And off the wife
  11. Summerford Rocket for sale

    That is a bada$$ looking rocket!! Cool graphics.
  12. Gull Lake get together!

    That sounds good to me. I'll run it by Andrea and see if I can't get a kitchen pass for that weekend.
  13. 1996 Euro

    If you transferred all that $$ from the sled and quad buying account over to the river rocket one, you'd be calling Wally and picking out colors right now.
  14. 1996 Euro

    Why I outta! Sold the partybarge this morning. Did you sell the Euro?
  15. 1996 Euro

    You sold it? Before you visit in a few weeks I'll pour another Mickeys on the toilet paper to green it up again for you, but your not setting foot in this house with those wonderwoman pajamas !