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  1. www.screamingoutboards.com FORUMS

    I checked with the administrator before posting this to make sure he was OK with it.... There's a forum site at www.screamingoutboards.com Check it out if you get a chance. It's only been up for 1 day. Nothing fancy, just a place to "let you hair down".
  2. View Extreme Marine TV

    Thanks guys!! We're looking forward to producing the entire series and there is certainly more to come. It's been great to see the positive response from everyone. We have submitted the show and we're waiting to hear back. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress. Thanks again for everyones support!!
  3. View Extreme Marine TV

    Click on the following link to view the trailer. www.extrememarinetv.com www.extrememarinetv.com then click on view the trailer. Please be patient....it's a pretty big file. Turn your audio up if you have it!!! EXTREME MARINE TV A HALF-HOUR TELEVISION SERIES Osprey Production Group is producing a 13-episode series profiling the most exciting, unique, and fascinating marine activities in the world today. From jet-boats that race through rapid canyon rivers to a New Zealanders quest to shatter the motorized world circumnavigation record in his wave-piercing, 75ft boat, each 30-minute story represents a dramatic mix of technology, bravado, and good old-fashioned daring-do. All of these topics, and the characters that propel them, contain action and humor that translate powerfully to the type of inventive, high-impact, entertaining documentary television program Osprey has designed. As the 5-minute trailer for the first episode, "River Rockets", illustrates, the structure of the program will include immersive production devices, POV cameras and shot sequences and sound design that gives the viewer a unique insiderly experience. This innovative style will be coupled with uncommonly high image-quality and creativity; the entire program will be shot and posted in 720p 16:9 High-Definition with 24p film-look, using Panasonicss HD VariCam for field-production and Final Cut Pro HD for editing. And Extreme Marine will abandon the conventions of an on-camera host, using personality-filled interviews, fast-paced shot sequences, and minimal voice-over to propel the narrative. A key value to the program is the personality of those involved with these pursuits. Located in distinct locations across the country, these men and women exhibit a geographic vernacular and sense-of-humor and true joy for what they do...Natural-born characters that give life to each episode and viewers a vested interest in their success and survival. Season: 13-Episodes Episode Length: 29:30 (including commercial breaks) Shooting Format: 720p DVCPro HD 24p 16:9 Finishing Format: 1080i/72016:9 HD (or any standard-def format)
  4. Extreme Marine TV / High Speed Marine?

    Thanks for all your input! "Extreme Marine TV" is the choice!!! As much as we think "Extreme" is overused right now, there was no better way of describing the show. Production has already begun on the show and the web site will be up shortly with the schedule of locations, sponsors and broadcasts.
  5. Extreme Marine TV / High Speed Marine?

    We will be shooting a segment at the Swannie River Run March 3rd 4th and 5th in Chiefland Florida.
  6. The folks at Osprey Production Group are looking for some help. We are in the middle of producing a television program series about high performance boating. We have secured 2 names and web addresses for: Extreme Marine TV and High Speed Marine Which do you like best??? We have reserved the rights for both names....but we are listening. All of your input is appreciated. Lee Dashiell www.ospreyproduction.com
  7. Cool Frost this morning

    Larry, IS that a DR trimmer????? I've seen the commercial!!
  8. Cool Frost this morning

    I must say it's been pretty cool here but my winters look a little more like the ones Fish has. I don't know how you guys do it. I would imagine that we are missing out on something by not ever getting snow. My guess is that snowmobile riding would be a friggin blast, a bit chilly but never the less, a blast.
  9. New Member / New Euro

    Just reminding you on how this started.
  10. New Member / New Euro

    When you reply to a thread that began about my boat, I would imagine that you are talking about "my boat". I have never had anyone give me crap about buying a secondary safety product. I guess you shouldn't bother with the beefed up bolt either. I don't think I'm the person that started this pissing contest. Just because you buy the "Safety Yoke" doesn't mean you have a setup problem. Have a nice day!
  11. New Member / New Euro

    That's a Seastar Hydraulic Steering system on my rig slim...and I don't have any problems. Take a second look at the pic you're looking at, that's not my boat. Thanks for all your valuable help. Your wisdom has overcome me.
  12. 2 Decal or Not 2 Decal?

    Fish, Thats the first time I've seen the boat in a full view pic. VERY nice. You and InspectorLance have done very well. I think the graphics need to go on the boat. It's pretty without them but it doesn't look finished to me. That's just my .o2 It still looks good!
  13. New Member / New Euro

    You can order them from Glen Reynold Racing. They have a number of products designed to keep all of us safer...and that's hard to argue with. This isn't the first time this has happened. When you talk to Glen, he'll tell you about another guy in TN that this happened to. I really don't think he's out there getiing rich off Safety Yokes. And he's no weekender GPI, he is a World Record Holder and APBA National Champion 1999 , 2000. Reynolds Racing and Marine 1019 South Roane Street Harriman, Tennessee 37748 865-882-9623 - Fax 865-882-6010 http://www.reynoldsracingmarine.com/ Hope that helps.
  14. New Member / New Euro

    lol.... Tell that to the guy that ons the boat pictured above. If it wasn't the bolt...and it isn't the tiller arm...I guess the setup is what slung him thru the hull. My guess is that he has the "New Bolt" and the Safety Yoke. (Notice the name..."SAFETY YOKE". I guess it's just a dumb thing...huh???) My boat is set up properly, but why take a chance. I guess I should take the steering plate off of the Skater and just go with the tiller arm...sounds like it's just as good.
  15. New Member / New Euro

    I also bought some sort of super high strength bolt that costs about $35 that is to be used with the kit. This is a pretty clear example of what I would like to avoid. Nothing wrong with my set-up, I just don't think that there is any reason to not be safe. Not for a $100. Sorry if you think thats overkill.